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Muse – Alternative Music Galaxy

By Rosaliecarter

“Muse” is a British alternative rock-band which was found in 1994 in Teignmouth, Devon. I rarely like all songs of some band but “Muse” does not cease to surprise me with new melodies. They preserve their unique style but at the same time add something new to every song which singles it out from the row of rock tracks.

The music of “Muse” seems to come to us from another galaxy – it sounds strange and enchanting at the same time. Passionate performance, theatrical vocals, masterly guitar parts and amazing concerts make this band one of my favorite ones.

The talented musicians contribute much to the success of the band. “Muse” consists of Matthew Bellamy, a vocalist and guitarist of the group, Chris Wolstenholme (bass guitarist and back-vocalist) and Dominic Howard (drummer and percussionist).

“Muse” has released five studio albums, the best of which, as I think, is “The Resistance” issued in 2009. By the way, this album was declared “The best rock-album” and received Grammy.During its successful carrier “Muse” has received five MTV Music Europe Awards, five Q Awards, two BRIT Awards and four Kerrang Awards. Most of this awards were given for the amazing concerts of the band. Indeed, if you want to feel the atmosphere of this music universe you should visit one of the live concerts of the band.

“Muse” provided soundtrack for “Twilight Saga”. Though I am far from being the fan of this film I like the song “Supermassive Black Hole” – it seems to appeal to the dark part of human nature. Some other songs I recommend you to listen to if you are not acquainted with the works of “Muse” yet are “Uprising”, “Muscle Museum”, “Starlight”, “Hysteria”…In fact, you’d better stop me as I can continue this list on and on. Just begin listening to this music and you will understand what I mean.

Muse – Alternative Music Galaxy

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