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MURDER & MAYHEM Available Again

By Dplylemd

My first Q&A book MURDER & MAYHEM has been out of print for a few years. My agent Kimberley Cameron and I recently got the rights back (Thanks, St. Martins) and the book is now available in the various electronic formats from Reputation Books.

And with new cool cover to boot.

M&M 300X450

“The first person I call for help is Dr. Lyle.”

-Matt Witten, executive story editor for LAW and ORDER

Mystery writers are you looking for answers? In Murder and Mayhem: A Doctor Answers Medical and Forensic Questions for Mystery Writers, Dr. D. P. Lyle culls the best of his popular “The Doctor Is In” question-and-answer column for the Mystery Writers of America, in which he answers medical and forensic questions from writers all over the country.

A frequent advisor to published mystery writers, as well as writers for TV shows such as Law and Order, Dr. Lyle tackles subjects such as traumatic injuries, doctors and hospitals, weapons of death, poisons and drugs, police and the crime scene, the coroner and the crime lab, and more. In extremely organized and accessible detail, he answers questions spanning a wide range: Do pupils shrink or enlarge with death? Can X rays be copied? Can ingested cocaine kill? How soon do strangulation bruises appear?

Lively and accessible, this solid reference book is bound for every mystery writer’s shelf.

Of course the other two books in this series, FORENSICS & FICTION and MORE FORENSICS & FICTION are also available.


MF&F 200X320

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