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Murasaki Cleansing Gel Review

By Reinesoignee @RSoignee
I've been eyeing Murasaki Cleansing Gel for almost a year before finally grabbibg it from the counter. To me all the Japanese cosmetics seem like they are not from our world; look at Kenzo, Shisheido, Kanebo, and the brand I'm talking about today, Murasaki. They somehow manage to combine pure luxuriousness and quite minimalistic and functional packaging; traditional remedies and cosmetic tricks and modern technology. I tried a few products mysef, you can find my review on Kenzoki Energetic Face Mask and Ice-Cold Eye Cream here; and totally fell in love with the conception.
A little about Murasaki. It's a Japanese cosmetic brand that harmonizes traditional Japanese beauty solutions and modern dermatology. 'Murasaki' means purple in Japanese, the color of royalty, nobility and elegance. So no wonder purple is this brand's signature color, it's represented in the packaging which is quite minimalistic but so chic at the same time. All Murasaki products contain EGF protein that stimulates cell regeneration, moisturizes and deminishes first signs of skin aging; and traditional Japanese herb extracts that have been used in skin care for centuries.
Murasaki Cleansing Gel is probably the softest cleanser I've ever tried. It contains Charcoal powder, soybean oil, EGF and more of the different herb extracts than I've ever seen in any product, let alone cleansing gel. I won't go into listing all the ingredients, you can look them up on official Murasaki website. It's also paraben, alcohol, color and mineral oil-free. Sounds perfect to me!
The gel itself is black due to the Charcoal in it (it's a little unusual, makes me feel as if I indulge in some kind of ritual every time I use it) and quite thick, I need a cherry-size amount to cleanse my whole face. I spread it around and massage it gently over my face in circular movements avoiding the eye-area, then rinse off. You need to be careful with it though and not use it if you have any irritation, cuts or skin conditions on your face. Murasaki Cleansing Gel acts like an excellent make-up remover too, taking off even stubborn long lasting foundation. I paid a little less than $30 for 120g of product which is quite good if you ask me, considering what you get for it. It's natural, effective and it doesn't feel like it's stripping my skin off necessary oil and moisture afterwards, well worth the price. I will definitely repurchase, and I also have my eye on Murasaki BB Cream, tested it last time I was in the beauty supply store and it looked very promissing.
Hope you all are having a great week. Talk to you soon! 

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