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MTBO Camp – Sprint

By Stodge @stodgeblog

No warm up, no mental prep, just rocked up at the start line, said hello to a couple of people and then zoomed out into the night.

Great little sprint area, Galloped, next to the sea but that meant sand hiding in the shadows, ready to make your front wheel go squiffy, exciting stuff in the dark. I rode well, making only a couple of little errors, until the end when I lost touch with the map and messed up 11 and 13. The touch free punching was great, I wore it.on my wrist and loved flying into a control, pulling a big skid turn and then powering off, my wrist beeping and flashing. I just had a fantastic time, and now feel so alive! I can feel my back a little now, but nothing a little pilates before bed won’t sort.

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