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MSC Ceramic Bottom Bracket

By Stodge @stodgeblog

MSC Ceramic Bottom BracketThe Bow went through so many bottom brackets in the two years I had it, I lost count. Shimano ones seemed to last about 3 months in the winter. Eventually I tried the Gusset one with needle rollers that seized in Russia (it was completely worn out though)

After considering all the expensive options Cycle Shack offered a deal on an MSC Ceramic bottom bracket

MSC Ceramic Bottom Bracket
so I agreed to have one to test out. RRP is about £80 which is very good for a Ceramic and it weighs only 87 gms. I am hoping the lack of metal bearings and the higher quality will enable this one to last a bit longer when it goes into the Kinesis XC Pro 3 build.

for more info go http://www.mscbikes.com/components.php?idioma=2&familia=0043&subfamilia=0141 or contact Cycle Shack.

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