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  • Saving Mr. Banks (2013) Review

    Saving Banks (2013) Review

    The story (or inspired by the story) behind Disney’s much-loved film Mary Poppins and how difficult it was to get from the page to screen, with author P.L. Read more

    The 30 November 2013 by   Caz
  • Watch the Teaser Trailer for Disney's 'Maleficent' Starring Angelina Jolie

    Watch Teaser Trailer Disney's 'Maleficent' Starring Angelina Jolie

    Robert Stromberg's (Avatar, Alice in Wonderland) upcoming dark fantasy, epic thriller "Maleficent" looks truly amazing in the first official trailer Disney has... Read more

    The 13 November 2013 by   Nrjperera
  • Box Office: Thor Still Mighty, But Best Man Holiday Exceeds Even the Most...

    Office: Thor Still Mighty, Best Holiday Exceeds Even Most Optimistic Expectations

    So, here’s what happened this weekend at the domestic box office: Thor: The Dark World continued it’s great-not-amazing business domestically while absolutely... Read more

    The 18 November 2013 by
  • No Femme More Fatale

    Femme More Fatale

    Film: The Last Seduction Format: DVD from personal collection on laptop. Linda Fiorentino needs to work more. I say this because her IMDB profile lists only... Read more

    The 07 November 2013 by   Sjhoneywell
  • The Filmaholic RetroReviews: Scream (1996)

    Filmaholic RetroReviews: Scream (1996)

    Boo. The Lowdown: A horror movie within a horror movie. Wes Craven’s slasher opus is insanely creative, self-aware, and hilarious; it somehow manages to remain... Read more

    The 01 November 2013 by   Filmaholic Reviews
  • Movie Review: ‘Runner Runner’

    Movie Review: ‘Runner Runner’

    Plot: Richie Furst (Justin Timberlake) is a former Wall Street hotshot who lost his job and is now making his way through Princeton financial school. Read more

    The 07 November 2013 by   House Of Geekery
  • Philomena (2013) Review

    Philomena (2013) Review

    Journalist Martin Sixsmith ends up picking up a story about an old Irish woman who after 50 years has broken her silence on the son who was taken away from her... Read more

    The 12 November 2013 by   Caz
  • Mini Review: Captain Phillips (2013)

    Mini Review: Captain Phillips (2013)

    by Steve HabratIn 2006, director Paul Greengrass proved that he was an artist capable of handling sensitive true-life material with United 93, the... Read more

    The 06 November 2013 by   Flyboysteve87
  • #1,185. The Battle at Elderbush Gulch (1913)

    #1,185. Battle Elderbush Gulch (1913)

    Directed By: D.W. Griffith Starring: Mae Marsh, Lillian Gish, Leslie Loveridge Tag line: "Exclusive Biograph Masterpiece" Trivia: The film was released in... Read more

    The 13 November 2013 by   Dvdinfatuation
  • Movie Review: ‘Ender’s Game’

    Movie Review: ‘Ender’s Game’

    Plot: Based on the acclaimed novel by controversial author Orson Scott Card, Ender’s Game tells the story of Earth’s desperate fight against a race of bug-like... Read more

    The 14 November 2013 by   House Of Geekery


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