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Movierulz Website 2020 – Download **ALL MOVIES ** Info

Posted on the 01 December 2019 by Haricharanpudipeddi @pudiharicharan

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Discover Your Favorite Movies at MovieRulz Website

Being a cinephile is one of the best things one could be. The movie is a kind of media that is capable of conveying fun and entertainment to you without utilizing much of your time.

If you love watching quality movies, you must know what fun it is to sit for a few hours, glaring in front of the screen and getting amused with spectacles shown in a good movie. But a movie isn't all about a thing that can be watched in your spare time.

Some movies are capable of delivering beautiful messages by conveying them via story to the audience. Some movies teach us a lot of values and help us follow the right path. Some movies are informative and help us learn new things.

Few movies show us the power of pure love through romantic tales in them. The point is that a movie isn't just something to watch in your spare time but it is a thing that should be watched wholeheartedly and actively.

If you regularly follow movies then you must realize that it has been quite difficult to get movies because of websites providing pirated movies getting shut day by day. Because of that many people aren't being able to watch their favorite movies.

Bollywood and Tollywood have been producing some quality movies in recent times and not watching them due to their unavailability are truly annoying.

To counter all these problems there is a website called Movierulz which is a solution to all of your movie-related problems. We will also discuss the risks involved in using them or similar websites. Moreover, we will also enlist some other websites that you can use as an alternative to those.

About MovieRulz

Movierulz Website 2020 – Download **ALL MOVIES ** Info

So basically Movierulz (currently changed name to 3Movierulz) is a free and illegal movie streaming website (I am emphasizing on the word illegal here and you will see why later in the article).

As the streaming is free, you don't have to go through the nuances of creating accounts or sharing your details in order to stream the required movie. In most of the movie streaming websites, this kind of issue is faced but that isn't the case with Movierulz since you are streaming the content illegally.

As far as the quality of movies goes, you can either choose 720p or 1080p. It is quite impressive though that despite being a pirated website they can provide movies in such a higher quality.

The design of Movierulz is similar to that of websites that offer movie streaming or downloading services. There are different tabs like genre, language, year, rating and you can select as per your convenience.

Different genres include action, adventure, comedy, horror and some others as well. You can find movies from Hollywood, Bollywood and even Tollywood that too in different languages as you desire. With so many movies to discover you wouldn't miss out on your favourite movie.

The content of movie rule isn't just restricted to movies. You can also stream some of the most popular TV series' while you are on Movierulz so you get many options as you surf through it.

There are other convenience aids as well for easy access to the website. For instance, there is a search tab which allows you to search for a movie you are looking for by manual method. You can just type the name of that movie and you will get it on your screen.

Another aid is made in the form of making movies downloadable. If you desire to watch movies offline then you can simply download it from the multiple servers of Movierulz and the advantage of having multiple servers is that even if one server doesn't work, you can always download the movie from another server. Website is available on the mobile version too and with that, you can access to it wherever you want.

Why Movierulz Got Banned?

There is a thing known as copyright infringement and that's where Movierulz's content revolves around ( read more). You could say that they are basically stealing content from other creators and posting it on their website. For better understanding just think of a YouTube channel that is creating its own original content and suddenly there comes a channel that starts stealing content from that channel and starts posting it on his own channel. YouTube will immediately give warning to that channel and if even after that he doesn't stop stealing content then he will have to go through ban hammer.

The only difference between Movierulz and YouTube channel is that YouTube is a public domain and visible to the general audience but Movierulz has different domains so it becomes difficult to keep track of it. Nonetheless, it eventually got banned because you can't always keep hiding after stealing.

Is It Safe To Use Movierulz?

  • It's no brainer that using movierulz or websites like similar is risky. Since these websites use pirated content, many cyber agencies are always keeping an eye on these and its users. The website also keeps getting banned frequently so there is that factor.
  • Risk is definitely there and if you think that you can get away with using this website with the help of a VPN, you are wrong. Even if you are using VPN it is easy for cyber agencies to locate you and punishment for doing that is much more than you can expect. But this is not the only danger that you are going to put yourself in by using Movierulz.
  • When you are browsing these website, you will notice that ads appear here and there along with some pop-ups. Whenever you click on a certain link on the website, a pop up will appear which will lead you to another URL that might be harmful.
  • Sometimes automatic downloads also start on their own and they might contain viruses and as a result, your system may get damaged.
  • Some of the redirected websites ask for your personal details like your mobile number or bank information. So overall risk is definitely there if you still intend to browse such website, keep in mind that you are putting yourself in a lot of risks.

Why Pirated Websites are Seeing a Huge Spike in Their Popularity in India?

The reasons are obvious. India is the world's biggest cinema producing country. With over 600 movies produced each year you can expect an audience that watches cinema to be huge as well.

There are too many people who crave for movies so it becomes obvious that they would want to find a way to watch their favourite movies online as soon as they hit the theatre.

Though there are many websites that stream movies legally but the problem with these websites is that they either ask you to sign in or get a membership in order to view their content.

On the other hand with pirated websites like Movierulz, there aren't any complications like that and you can stream movies for free. With such ease of access, people prefer using pirated websites instead of legal websites.

There are other causes as well that have contributed to this rise in the popularity of such websites. You see many people aren't even aware of the fact that they are streaming/downloading movies from pirated websites.

If they knew the risks involving it, they wouldn't use them. But since most of the people don't care, the visiting rate keeps on increasing and recently with the internet boom that we have witnessed in the last few years, things just keep growing.

Final Words

So that's all about Movierulz. I hope you got a better understanding of this website or how it works or what kind of content they are providing. We discussed all the merits and demerits of using such websites so if you still want to visit this website, do so at it your own risk.

Disclaimer: We are hereby not encouraging you to download or watch movies from these kinda illegal sites. We all know these sites are totally fake. Our purpose of coming with this type of article is to create awareness among you. Do it at your own risk!

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