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Mothers Day

By Rubytuesday
Usually I spend Mothering Sunday with my MumUsually I make her breakfast in bed Give her giftsAnd bring her out for lunchHowever This year is different This year my sister brought my mom to Prague for a few daysThey arrived yesterdayAnd are living it up in a beautiful suite in a stunning hotelI'm so glad that mom got to go awayGod knows she deserves a break
So I am at homeNot home alone thoughMy Dad has come to keep me company for a few daysAnd of course Honey and Lea are never far from my sideI made my Dad dinner yesterdayItalian beef stewI'm always meaning to post some recipes hereI can make a few dishes wellTaught to me by my sister who is an amazing cookAnywayI will get around to it at some stage So my Dad and I are spending quality time togetherAnd are making dinner for my other sister and my nephewWho are coming down later
Mother's Day reminds me how lucky I amTo have a mom that stood by me through everything we have been throughIt reminds me to thank my lucky stars that I have a strong, kind and selfless motherI have put my mother through more than any one person should have to takeThrough my rebellious teenage yearsThrough my drug fueled twentiesAnd of course through the eating disordered yearsWhich are still going on to a certain extentYesI have broke my mothers heart more times than I care to rememberShe has given me endless second chancesMore than I deservedSo thank you MumFor being thereAnd for knowing when to turn your backFor holding my hand through everythingFor never giving up hope on meFor believing in me when I couldn't believe in myselfFor carrying me when I couldn't walkFor loving me when I didn't love myselfFor being strong when I was weakThank you
I'm doing my level best to get back on trackI've planned my week with things to keep me occupiedUnfortunatelyBecause I am getting my using under control My ED behaviours seem to be spinning out of controlPurging has increased someI'm weighing multiple times a dayAlthough my weight seems to be staying stableFluctuating a kilo or so either sideI don't know if I am happy at the Wright I'm atI meanIt's fineIt's okIt's not fantastic I don't feel super good or confidentBut I can accept itAnd maybe that's enough for nowMaybe this is as good as it gets for me
After the dentist last FridayI went to Rivet Island for a lookI found a lovely navy and white striped dressWith pockets and a tulip skirtI took in a size 8 and a size 10The 8 fit me perfectlyAnd I really liked itI didn't buy it thoughNot like me I knowBut I think I am going to go back and buy it tomorrowI will post photos too
Two of my crowns came out when o was eating chocolate yesterdayI bought some polygrip to try and secure them back in But that didn't work too well So it's back to the dentist tomorrowTo get them cemented back inPain in the buttocks But it has to be done
AnywayI'm off to make dinnerSee you on the next post.....

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