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Most Popular Indian Blogs With Their Amazing Bloggers

Posted on the 18 August 2016 by Himanshu Sharma @presentslide

Each day hundreds of people start a blog and enter the world of Blogging. Only a few of them are able to cope up with the competition in the field. In this post i will be writing about the best Indian blogs which are popular around the world.

With their hardwork and passion they have made their blogs this much popular. This post will inspire some of the beginner bloggers to do hardwork and make their blogs this much popular. These bloggers are earning thousands of dollars monthly and you can too!

It just needs your hardwork and patience, keep working until something you want happens.

Note 1: The Alexa Rank stated below is Global Alexa Rank which gets updated daily so the numbers shown below are prior to change. Note 2: I was not able to list all the Popular Indian blogs so if you know any popular blog then please suggest it in the Comments section.

So here we go:

List of Most popular Indian Blogs

Niche: Media Platform with Entrepreneur's Stories

Founder: Shradha Sharma

Alexa Rank: 2,884

Started: 2008

Niche: Blogging, Make Money Online

Founder: Harsh Agrawal

Alexa Rank: 3,815

Started: 2008

Niche: Technology, Tips and Tricks

Founder: Amit Agarwal

Alexa Rank: 6,765

Started: 2004

Niche: Technology, Tips and Tricks

Founder: Abhijeet Mukherjee

Alexa Rank: 13,239

Started: 2008

Niche: Technology and Blogging

Founder: Imran Uddin

Alexa Rank: 17,066

Started: Not Known

Niche: Business and Technology

Founder: Arun Prabhudesai

Alexa Rank: 20,473

Started: 2007

Niche: Blogging, Tips and Tricks

Founder: Jitendra Vaswani

Alexa Rank: 20,853

Started: 2012

Niche: Technology, Tips and Tricks

Founder: Raju PP

Alexa Rank: 25,673

Started: 2008

Niche: Programming and Web Designing

Founder: Srinivas Tamada

Alexa Rank: 27,203

Started: August 2008

Niche: Blogging Tips and Tricks, Affiliate Marketing

Founder: Ankit Singla

Alexa Rank: 35,013

Started: 2013

Niche: Blogging, Search Engine Optimization and Make Money Online

Founder: Pradeep Kumar

Alexa Rank: 40,499

Started: 2009

Niche: WordPress tutorials and Blogging tips

Founder: Devesh Sharma

Alexa Rank: 46,918

Started: 2009

Niche: Blogging Tips and Tricks

Founder: Jyoti Chauhan

Alexa Rank: 49,642

Started: 2011

Niche: Blogging and Search Engine Optimization

Founder: Kulwant Nagi

Alexa Rank: 53,615

Started: 2011

Niche: Digital Marketing

Founder: Deepak Kanakaraju

Alexa Rank: 59,405

Started: Not sure but 2012

Niche: Self Motivation and Inspiration

Co Founder: Harleena Singh

Alexa Rank: 80,708

Started: 2010

Niche: Internet Tips and Tricks

Founder: Jaspal Singh

Alexa Rank: 97,532

Started: 2009

These were some of the few blogs which i found to be popular among people. They are not the only one to be listed and you can help me to get listed a blog if you know. This is not to compare any blog on any basis and just a list of popular Indian blogs.

You can comment down any blog if you know which i forget here to mention. Your suggestion will be reviewed and added to the list. This post is to inspire all the bloggers out there and let them do great with their Blogs.

Hope you liked the list of most popular Indian Blogs, Now share it with your friends so that they will also get to know about Best Indian Blogs.

Most Popular Indian Blogs With Their Amazing Bloggers

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