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Best Tools for Search Engine Optimization

Posted on the 12 September 2016 by Himanshu Sharma @presentslide

Search Engine Optimization plays a great role in the success of a blog. Every blogger needs one of the most important thing and that is traffic. A blog without traffic will not move forward in the blogging journey. Search Engine Optimization is basically a process or procedure by which online platform owners try to rank there Platforms.

Now as we all know that traffic is very much important for our blogs and websites. Organic traffic is the best way to get huge amount of traffic and this makes Search Engine Optimization so important.

Years back it was just the content that mattered to Search Engines. But as time changed now there are millions of blogs and websites around the world so Search Engines became very cautious while choosing the content to rank in Search results.

People found ways to cheat the search results and thus Search Engine have changed there strategies of ranking websites. They update there algorithms every few months if not years and thus it is becoming more and more overwhelming to rank higher in search engines.

But thanks to the availability of the tools for search engine optimization which makes it easy to optimize websites and blogs. In this post i will be telling you about some of the best tools for Search Engine Optimization. I do not use all the tools described below but I will recommend you to try you hands on them.

We shall now start with our list of tools for Search Engine Optimization:

Section 1: Content Ideas SEO Tools

Even if there are thousands of other factors which decides Search Engine Ranking. Content will be one of the most important for your blog or website. Search Engines love high quality content that too posted usually. With a single high quality post you can not rank higher in the search results.

So let us now check out some Content Ideas tools for Search Engine Optimization:

1. Quora

Quora is one of the most trending thing among the content marketers. Basically a Question & Website and now becoming very popular among content writers and marketers. You can surely get hundred of ideas for writing posts for your blogs.

2. Yahoo! Answers

The concept is same like Quora and it is also a question & answer website. You can find your content ideas easily.

3. Google Trends

It is a free feature from Google and you can use it to find ideas for writing content. Just write in your keywords and it will show some of the most popular search terms related to your keywords.

Section 2: On Page SEO Tools

Search engines pays very much attention to the content while ranking a website. If your content is really good and informative then your blog will be ranked higher even if you have less domain authority. The technique to improve the content quality according to search engines is known as On Page Search Engine Optimization. Below are some On Page SEO Tools:

1. HubSpot's Blog Topic Generator

The first thing with writing great content is too find an hot topic. Sometimes the topics you write does not bring enough of visitors and hype to your blog. So the HubSpot topic generator can help you to create great article topics within minutes. Just write in your keywords and it will come up with great topics.

2. CoSchedule Headline Analyzer

Your headline is the first thing which brings visitors to read out your whole content. If you do not have a catchy headline then no one will really open it and read the content.

CoSchedule Headline Analyzer gives scores according to various factors for your headline. Choose a headline with high score as chances of that will be higher to be clicked.

3. Yoast SEO

Every WordPress website must have this ultimate plugin named Yoast SEO. It one of the best On Page optimization plugin for optimizing your content. Follow the guidelines in each posts and it will help you to get good ranking results.

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4. Copyscape

Copied content will never get good rankings in search engines. Even if gets it will not long for long enough. So if you buy content from content writers then check the content initially with Copyscape to get an idea for the content. If it is a copied content then do not try to post it on your blog as it can hurt your rankings.

5. Pixabay

Images are an essential part of On Page SEO and each of your post should contain atleast one image. One of the major problem with blogger is to find images to use in the blog posts. Copyrighted images can cost you thousands of dollars if used without permission.

is a platform which provides free to use images even for commercial use which you can use for your blog posts.

Section 3: Keyword Research Tools

Keyword research is one of the most important part of Search Engine Optimization. The first thing we start with in SEO is to find profitable keywords in our niche.

There are lots of tools available for keyword research and most of them are paid. In this section i will be mentioning some of the free keyword research tools that will help beginners to start with SEO.

1. WordTracker

Although WordTracker is an paid keyword research tool but it allows free usage daily. You can search 3 to 4 keywords daily. I have put it on the first place because of its features and accuracy. It tells the Search volume, competition and the usage of those keywords in the title and headings of the previous posts.

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Using the data it provided i have ranked my blog for 2 keywords and that too very easily because they had less competition.

2. SEOBOOK Keyword Tool

It is completely free keyword research tool that allows anyone to search profitable keywords. You should create an account for using the tool but that would only take a minute or two. It shows the search volumes and CPC rates for your keywords and the related ones.

3. Jaaxy

I have used only a few times and it is worth the time. It gives 30 free uses for a single account which can be used to search keywords easily. It shows various things about that keywords including search volume, competition, Ability to rank etc.

Use this tool and you will get to know if you are working on a profitable keyword or not.

4. Keyword Eye Basic Plan

Keyword Eye gives two plans to its users and Basic plan is one of them. It give you limited features and to use it fully you have to upgrade it to the premium. It allows you to search for a keyword according to the country or language. It helps you to focus on your local area if you want to keep it to only a specific country.

If you feel the tool to be satisfactory then you can upgrade it to use the additional features too.

5. Soovle

Long tail keywords are more beneficial as they bring targeted traffic to the blog or website. Soovle is a tool to find popular long tail keywords used on different platforms like Google, Bing, Wikipedia etc. Long tail keywords are specific in nature and thus the traffic bring more leads.

It is an simple and easy tool to use and get results for your research.

Section 4: SEO Tools for Backlinks

Backlinks are very powerful part of a SEO campaign and they are essential too. Backlinks from authority website can sky rocket your rankings in a few weeks. It is recommended to write good content to get natural backlinks from other bloggers.

But as the number of blogs is increasing with each day it is becoming harder and harder to get backlinks on auto pilot for a new blog. So here are some tips and tools to get good quality backlinks.

1. Broken Link Checker

The easiest way to get good backlinks(apart from great content) is to get them yourself by this way. Broken Link Checker is used to find broken links on the authority sites and then contacting the owner to rectify the broken link.

By doing this you will get a chance to get a link from that blog if your content is worth linking to. I got my first backlink by this way as i found a broken resource on some website.

2. Wiki Grabber

A backlink from websites like Wikipedia can change the way you blog earlier. Its not easy to get a backlink from Wikipedia but you can try your hands on it. Wiki Grabber is a tool which is used to find broken links on the Wikipedia pages.

You can search fro your keywords and it will show up the pages with similar keywords and have broken links. You can then solve the broken page and if your content is really suitable for it then you can add your link.

Note: Never use this only for your gains as you will be banned from moderating the pages afterwards. Provide value to the users and use only if it is suitable.

3. Drop My Link

Drop My Link is a tool which is used to get the SEO footprints and use them to find good source for getting Backlinks. Just enter your keywords and the specific source you want to search ( For example dofollow backlinks). It will show you the list of such sources and then you should start finding ways to get backlinks.

Google Search is changed in past few years and thus this tool is not that much accurate now. But the tool is worth trying!

Section 5: Content Promotion Tools

There are hundreds if not thousands of factors that affects your search engine ranking. Social media shares are one of those essential factors. Only a few of your readers touch those share buttons and give you a relief but that is not enough.

Marketers have built tools for helping millions of content creators out there. These tools help you to get social media shares in return you have to share someone else's content. This is known as Co Promotion and it works from both the sides. Here are some of the tools:

1. Triberr

Triberr is an old community of bloggers and content creators. You as a content creator make your own tribe and add members to it, whenever you add a new post it will be shown to your members. They share you posts and in return they get a chance to have there post or content shared.

Even big bloggers use Triberr to get social media shares. The posts are basically shared on twitter and in a scheduled manner and not all at once.

2. CoPromote

I found this platform better then Triberr as you only have to focus on one thing and that is to get shares. You share someone's post and collect Reach and by using this reach you can get you content shared on Twitter, Instagram and other platforms.

I have used it on my post which was on the second page of Google and by getting shares it now reached the first page in two weeks.

3. Just Retweet

Same like the above platforms when you share some posts you get coins for it. Use these coins to get shares on your tweets. You can change the number of coins for each campaigns and for getting more shares you can put more coins on them.

This was all about the tools mostly used for Search Engine Optimization. I have not promoted and tools and only written them after looking at the results many of the bloggers(including me) got.

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Best Tools for Search Engine Optimization

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