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Workshops For Learning Android and iOS Application Development

Posted on the 15 September 2016 by Himanshu Sharma @presentslide

Android and iOS are the major operating system around the world. Android in a few years marked its importance among people. The flexibility which Android provides can be experienced by the huge application base on the Play Store.

The main thing that make an operating system rule the market is the availability of apps for various uses. The other operating systems are lacking this main fact and thus lagging behind them. For the advancement in technology, more and more categories of apps are added up in the queue. Want and example? Lets see!

Few years back there was no finger print scanner available to the normal range mobiles. In a purpose of time now each mobile company is including it on the mobile as an necessity. With the hardware being added there are applications coming around for the better use of these hardware. So it is a continuous process of working around with stuff.

Why to Learn Mobile Application Development?

I will not go that much deep in the field but will surely clear the doubts for the same. I have read an Answer on Quora that there are more people having a mobile pone than there are people having a toothbrush, So isn't it amazing?

There are millions of applications available on the App markets but still there is an need of millions of new apps. Every user have different needs and thus you can roll out your own application which solves out for the people and you are good to go!

1. Huge Demand

With this much of user base there comes a huge demand of better mobile applications. If you learn the development perfectly than you can actually rule the mobile application market. No single app can satisfy every user and thus needs some updated concepts to be applied.

2. Flexibility

Same as some other works like web development this field is also very much flexible. There is nothing which you have to get fixed(Apart from quality work). You can open up your Application development company or you can work as a freelancer. Working on a 9 to 5 job is also possible as companies want good developers on there work force.

3. Earning Capabilities

There are so much of opportunities for an Application developer to earn (No only money!). You can launch an app on your own and if it will become popular than you will really see the power of it. There are millions of people earning there bread and butter through Application development each year.

They were only some of the points that you can read to get a clear vision of the field. Every work just needs focus and hard work and than no one can actually stop you!

Now moving down to the Workshops in which you can learn Android and iOS application development. They are two individual workshops and you can choose from both of these that which one suits you. Both the operating systems have there own popularity so they cannot be judged by it. Its your choice and you can also choose both of them for better knowledge.

1. Android Application Development Workshop

It is a two days workshop and is a initiative of Aristocrat IT solutions (P) Ltd. The workshop is suitable for the college going students who have a keen interest in Android OS and developing Android applications. You will learn:

  • Introduction the Android OS
  • Setting up and Environment for development
  • Developing Android Apps

You can get the further information like Date, Venue and tickets from Goeventz -

2. iOS Application Development Workshop

Same as above it is a two days workshop which will guide you through the process of iOS application development. If you choose iOS over Android then you can take the workshop and learn to build iOS apps on your own. By enrolling in the workshop you will learn:

  • Introduction to the C programming language
  • Environment set up for developing apps
  • Developing your own iOS applications
  • Testing the Applications and further steps

There are some prerequisite for the workshop so you should go through the details from the below given link.

For further information like Date, Venue and tickets you can check Goeventz -

is an event portal for all types of events including rock concerts, workshops seminars etc. You can check there website for more such events and can register yourself for the events you like.

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Workshops For Learning Android and iOS Application Development

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