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GoDaddy Economy Hosting Plan – 85% Off Coupon

Posted on the 25 August 2016 by Himanshu Sharma @presentslide

Hosting is very important part for a website and the reason is not hard to guess. If the hosting part of your website or blog is not strong then you will loose your precious customers soon. There are about hundred of Hosting provider companies around the world and no one can prove it good for everyone.

Different people and websites have different need with respect to the Hosting. Some websites need very much of Bandwidth and some care for more storage space. With the increase in features the price increases and sometimes it doesn't suits the budget. This makes people choose a hosting which have very less or no good features at all.

Hosting companies roll out deal and offers to the users to allow them to use good features for a less cost for some days. You can easily try there services at cheap rates and then can from the second year you can go with the upgrades if your site started earning revenue for you.

GoDaddy, one of the most popular domain registrar company which also holds its position in hosting. They also provides deals to the people which allow them to try out there services for a little sum of money. I have hosted my blog on GoDaddy Economy Hosting and I must say that there service is worth the money paid. Here are some of the features i have described and reviewed below.

Review of GoDaddy Economy Hosting

1. Website Up Time

Uptime is the time for which your website is available to the public all over the world. For GoDaddy the Uptime is really appreciable. I am using GoDaddy economy hosting from the past two months and my blog was only down for about some minutes two times.

GoDaddy provides 99.9% uptime which means about 8 hours of downtime per year. This is only a assumption and they maintain the service well to prevent any website down.

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2. User Friendly Site Structure

For a new person to enter the website and hosting world is not at all easy. The site structure should be user friendly enough to get the work started easily. Although i am familiar with hosting and servers but still i found that GoDaddy has provided a good user friendly dashboard for managing websites and domains.

3. Domain Name

Most of the Hosting provider companies provide a free domain with there hosting packages. GoDaddy Economic hosting too comes with a free domain for one year which you can use in building your website. You are free to choose a domain name with .com, .org, net and many other domain names.

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The free domain is only free for the first year of purchase and later on you have to pay for it. I had already bought my domain name from Bigrock so i left the freebie and chosen not to take the domain. But you are free at your decisions.

4. Customer Support

One of the most important factor for a hosting is support for the customers. I must say that GoDaddy has an amazing customer service and it helps to resolve the issue as early as possible. I got into some problems with the hosting few days back and it got resolved just in minutes of time.

They provide an online chat option for hosting support and you will get a help in minutes. Just talk with them and they will surely help you.

GoDaddy Economy Hosting Coupon

The coupon which i am providing is to get about 85% discount on GoDaddy Economy hosting for the first year. You will also get an free domain with your hosting for one year which you can renew after the first year for then known price of domain.

Steps to Get 85% off on GoDaddy Economy Hosting

1. Go to GoDaddy and choose the hosting option followed by Web hosting.

2. Choose the Economy hosting plan and add it to the cart.

3. It will show up with some add ons, its up to you if you want to add these but they will increase the cost.

4. Continue with your cart and it will show you to choose a domain. Enter the domain you want for your website and go with it.

5. During the final checkout add the coupon cjcrmn1hos and you will get 85% off on the hosting. Choose only 12 months time period to get the discount.

6. You will get the hosting for about 10 dollars (700 INR) for a year that too with a free domain.

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Final Words

  • Economy Hosting plan is suited both for beginners and intermediates.
  • You will get 100 GB of space and unlimited bandwidth.
  • The free domain is only available at the time of purchasing hosting.
  • The discount is only for the first year and after it you will be paid the original price.

Hope you find the article a good read and it will help you save some money on your hosting. Share it with your friends as Sharing is Caring 🙂

GoDaddy Economy Hosting Plan – 85% Off Coupon

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