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Most Embarrassing Moment!

By Rubytuesday
To give us all a break from the heaviness that is our eating disorders
I thought that I would write about something completely different today
A bit of light relief
I've had many, many embarrassing moments over the years
Tripping up
Saying silly things (I do this a lot)
But probably my most embarrassing moment came when I was teenager
I was 16
And had just acquired my first part time job
In a well known supermarket chain
My main job was to help customers pack their groceries
I remember I was paid 2.56 an hour (Irish pounds)
I needed the job though
To fund my hectic lifestyle
To buy smokes
And alcohol
And drugs
I remember going in to work without a wink of sleep
And managing to get through the day
Oh to be young and energetic again
This particular day
I was stationed at a little booth at the entrance to the store
I was promoting the Mother and Baby club
Which was something mothers could sign up to to get vouchers, money off baby products etc
It was a cushy number
As all I had to do was sit there and smile
This day I was severely hungover
I could barely keep my eyes open
A woman came up to the booth
Carrying a tiny baby
She asked me about the club
And I gave her the information
You had to fill in a form to join
And because she was carrying the baby
She asked me to fill it in for her
'Yes, of course' I said
So far so simple
I asked her name
'Mary Cox' she replied
I printed her name on the form
And because I was in such a delicate state
I really wasn't thinking
And I wrote Mary COCKS!
'Oh my God!' she exclaimed as she saw what I had written
'That's not my name!'
It was only then that I realized what I had done
'Gosh I am so sorry' I said
And quickly ripped up the form
And got a new one
I was mortified
I couldn't believe that I had just written 'Cocks' on the form
I wanted the ground to open up an swallow me whole
Thankfully the woman saw the funny side of the situation
And didn't report me for indecent behaviour
It really was an innocent mistake though
I just wrote it the way I heard it
So what is the moral of the story?
Well, for starters
Don't go in to work with a raging hangover
This will lessen the chances of you messing up
Offending someone
Embarrassing yourself
And possibly getting sacked
Fortunately I didn't get sacked
And it did make for a funny story
The moral is also to ask how to spell a word if you are not sure
I know this because I have a very difficult surname
And people generally never get it right
So I know better than to assume I know how to spell something
I was wondering about you
What is your most embarrassing moment?
I'd love to know...........

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