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Most Child Molesters Are Not Pedophiles

Posted on the 18 July 2013 by Calvinthedog

Feminist X writes:

RL: 90-95% of child molesters are not pedophiles. They are just heterosexual males molesting in the family or with relatives as a substitute for an adult female partner.

Do you have evidence of this? Seems to me that all normal hetero men absolutely reject any form of partnering with children. A desperate hetero male would use a 9 yr old as a substitute for the adult female partner he preferred? Really? I would think that anyone who partners with a 9 yr old has desire for children and therefore is a pedophile. Sure, they may also like adults or even like adult women more, but if you are getting it up for a 9 yr old, you are a pedophile in my book.

It depends on how we define pedophile. In my opinion, the DSM definition is garbage and needs to be tossed.

A pedophile is one who is sexually fixated on children. He primarily or exclusively gets off to kids and has little to no reaction to mature persons.

As far as the 90-95% of men who molest children and are not pedophiles, they have no fixation on children as a sexual object. They have a strong or maximal sexual reaction to mature persons Therefore they are not pedophiles. If you have a strong or maximal sexual reaction to mature persons, you cannot possibly be a pedophile.

Pedophiles like kids. They don’t like matures or adults. Period. That’s the only definition that makes sense to me.

I hate to sound like a man-hating gender feminist, but I know my gender very well. Men will screw anything. A woman, a teenage girl, a little girl, an old lady, a man, a teenage boy, maybe even a little boy if he’s twisted enough. If it’s got a hole, a guy will try to stick his dick in it, period. Sure, most men prefer a mature female, but a lot of them will pretty much screw anything, especially if it’s female.

The non-pedophilic men who molest children are not some psychological species called pedophiles. They are just criminals! We have to stop using psychological disorders to label criminals. There is a tendency in the DSM to try to say that every criminal has a psychiatric disorder. This crazy. Crazy is one thing, bad and crooked is another. Leave it up to the law to delineate the varieties of criminals and keep the psychiatrists out of it.

Pedophilia is a psychological disorder. It’s just not normal to be only turned on by kids and not turned on at all by matures or adults. If you are, there is something wrong with your head. Pedophiles are not necessarily criminals. There are pedophiles who do not molest children for long periods of time, possibly forever. A pedophile is only a criminal when he breaks the law. His sexual orientation is not a crime.

Child molestation is a crime. Some people who do this have a psychological disorder called pedophilia and most do not. Most of them are just criminals. They aren’t crazy at all. They are simply people who don’t care much about other people and take advantage of vulnerable people in order to use them sexually. They are sexual opportunists.

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