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Moronic Ignorance Times Three

Posted on the 28 October 2011 by Technocowgirl @TechnoCowgirl
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   It’s painfully obvious that Vice President Biden’s foot-in-mouth disease is contagious and Obama and Carney are infected. After controversy erupted over VP Biden’s ridiculous metaphor about rape and murder to support President Obama’s jobs bill, Jay Carney sticks one foot in his mouth and the other in Obama’s via support of the VP’s rape and murder “wish” on opponents. The three moronic idiots contend that if the President’s Jobs Bill is rejected rape and murder rates will rise and the fault will rest on opponents, and Biden goes as far as to “wish” the feeling of victimization upon those opposed –which is barbaric and heartless to say the least. If Obama would have given the $500,000 plus to law enforcement agencies instead of Solyndra, Americans would be safer –it would have obviously been a wiser investment. Therefore, if this moronic ignorance holds true the fault is with the current administration, not with opponents of another failed Obama Bill. Obama’s stimulus efforts have been supported by opponents in the past, and the money was spent frivolously.

   Despite the scare tactics used by this moronic threesome, this bill will not be passed. Additionally, instead of securing a 2012 Obama re-election, these elected idiots is securing him a one-term presidency. “We the People” are tired of the kind of change this administration has brought to this Great Country and the polls are proving that; downgraded credit rating, recession, healthcare mandates (Obama Care), bad investments that yield no return, bailouts, scare tactics, lack of immigration control, record unemployment, and blame games. If anyone is at fault for the rise in rape, murder, and robbery, it would be the current White House occupants that do not spend tax money with vigilant wit.

   No one is to blame for criminals actions except that offender –period! I am tired of the lack of personal responsibility that seems to be contagious as well. We are each responsible for our own actions people, and anyone who says different is not only ignorant but an enabler. And, Mr. President I am holding you responsible for yours when I visit the voting booth in 2012; furthermore, when you go –take VP Biden and Jay Carney with you, because I have no use for your collective behaviors and bullying! Better recruit Acorn to buy you some votes for 2012 too, because that will be the only way you will get re-elected Mr. President. We do want change –a change in administration!

P.S. You might want to gather your two cronies and take Air Force One for one more spin on the taxpayers –it may be your last chance!

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