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More Thoughts on Short Time Preference

Posted on the 15 May 2014 by Calvinthedog

One of my finest commenters, Tulio, comments:

Does anyone know if IQ correlates with deferred gratification? Do blacks with IQ’s of 100+ defer gratification at the same rate as whites?


Time preference correlates very well with IQ. My best friend for a year or two around here was a young 23 year old more or less gangbanger or gang associate. The guy may have had an IQ of 80, I have no idea honestly. He was Guatemalan, not an ounce of Black in him. This guy literally was incapable of thinking beyond the next 24 hours. I am serious. And any money he got was gone as soon as it hit his fingers. Then the next day he would be standing there looking lost saying, “Whoaaaa dude I am broke. What happened to my money? Dohhhhh.”

He was like those stories of Blacks with short time preferences squared.

A major White nationalist blogger, since left WN, whose name now eludes me, wrote on his site a while back that Hispanics have also been shown to have short time preferences. I am not sure what data he based that on, if any.

There was also a report of a Brazilian Indian tribe that had no time preference at all. They are called the Piraha. The guy who worked with them said they never saved up anything. Whatever food you gave them was immediately consumed on the spot. If there was too much to eat, they would just eat what they wanted and walk away. They literally did not save anything from one day to the next.

So you see, short time preference is not limited to Blacks and it is definitely found in other races, at the very least in Amerindians and possibly also in Hispanics.

I have no idea if Blacks with higher IQ’s can delay gratification better than those with lower IQ’s, but I would imagine that the lower IQ Blacks would be absolutely the worst at delaying gratification. I would also assume that Blacks with higher IQ’s would be the ones who tended to be better at delaying gratification.


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