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More Lies About the First Russian Casualty in Syria

Posted on the 29 October 2015 by Calvinthedog


Boy, the lies never stop, now do they?

Here is what happened. Russia announced that it had sustained its first casualty in the war in Syria. With that, the entire Western media flipped out and went in to disinformation propaganda mode. The vile “liberals” in Russia also went into full spin lying mode. The “liberals are really pro-Western free marketeers who are despised by 90% of Russians, who refer to them as “the traitors”. The truth is that Russia has a large opposition media, and you can these 10-15% opposition liberals saying the most outrageous things every single day in various Russian media sources.

A few of them get arrested, but most don’t. Maybe 3% get arrested, and most of those are crooks anyway.

There are many newspapers in Russia that are actually published by anti-Russian  Westerners in Europe. All of these are virulently anti-Putin. You can buy these papers every day in any large Russian city like Moscow. In addition, there are a huge number of anti-Putin websites, often very well funded by Russian “dissidents” who are mostly convicted Mafioso, many of whom are Russian Jews like Khodorovsky. None of these  websites are blocked at all. I believe there are also opposition radio and TV networks.

Anyway if they have even one opposition media outlet, Russia has a freer press than the West, which has no media outlets that oppose the Deep States of the West and in particular the multi-nation Deep State called NATO. Every single day, CIA-run outlets like the website of Paul Goble (“former” CIA analyst for decades) quote all sorts of Russian opposition members saying the wildest things in some Russian media outlet.

When do you ever hear anyone in the Western press quoting even one person who opposes the line of the Deep State? When does the “opposition” in the West ever quoted as saying anything in the Western press? They aren’t. They are simply blacked out.

There was some initial confusion abut the cause of death. At first it was reported as an accident, then it was reported as a suicide. The report was that he committed suicide over the breakup with a girlfriend. The family and the girlfriend immediately insisted that he could not have committed suicide because he was not in that sort of a mental state.

The problem is that he died at Russia’s Tartous Base on the coast of Syria. There are no rebels of any kind for many miles. The soldier was an airplane mechanic. He was not on the front lines. So it could not have been a combat death. That leaves either an accident, a suicide or something nefarious like a homicide by a fellow soldier.

The body was returned to the family. A number of people, including family members, saw the body. The soldier had only one wound and that was around his neck, a dark purple mark around the throat. The people who reported seeing this neck wound included family members.

Now the father is saying that the wounds of his son are not consistent with suicide. But that’s not what he and other family members said at first. A dead body with the only wound being a dark purple mark around the neck? Sounds like a suicide or maybe someone was garroted. Anyway, it’s death by strangulation.

I can’t believe the whole Western media is running with this stupid bullshit.

He didn’t die in combat. In fact, he could not have because he was miles away from the front lines.

His death was reported as a suicide.

Family members who saw the body reported that it had a dark purple band around the neck, which is 100% consistent with suicide.

What more do we need to know?

Now the father has changed his mind and says “the wounds were not consistent with suicide.” But that’s not what he said at first.

I can’t believe the Western media is running with this crap story. This is a propaganda blitz. Furthermore, all of the Western outlets are 100% in line with the propaganda party line of the day. This is the worst propaganda I have seen in the US and the West in general in my entire life, and I was born in 1957. Absolutely disgusting. Free press my ass.

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