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More Lies About Russia in Syria

Posted on the 27 October 2015 by Calvinthedog

Almost as soon as Russia landed in Syria and began its military campaign, he wall of propaganda and lies began.

One of them, which continues to this day, is that Russia is targeting the “moderate” rebels while leaving ISIS and maybe even Al Nusra alone. This lie is  quite mysterious because I have been following this Russian involvement closely and it was clear from almost the 2nd or 3rd day that Russia had been engaging in massive strikes against ISIS. In fact, Russia seems to have done far more damage to ISIS in its short entry into the war than the US has in many months. They continue to pound away at ISIS to this very day. ISIS targets are listed and there are often videos showing Russian attacks on ISIS. So I am mystified about this notion that Russia is not attacking ISIS but is instead attacking the US-supported “moderates.”

As far as I can tell, it is a great big fat humongous massive lie. There’s not even a hint of truth to it. Nevertheless the entire US control led MSM continues to repeat this lie as if it were gospel to this very day. In the UK it is the same and it is  probably the same in the rest of the West. Show me one single MSM outlet that has called out this big fat lie for what it is.

The West is just a name for a group of countries that are more or less colonized or “satellites” of the US. The foreign policy of the non-US states of the West seems to be to attack all of the US’s enemies and to advance US interests everywhere in the world. No country in the West seems to have an independent foreign policy at all.

Has Russia attacked the US-trained fake moderates? Of course they did. In fact it was the first thing they did on the first day of their strikes. What a message to send to the US! You can judge the US and Western reaction the very next day by the rage that that attack with a message carried.

The American people are apparently swallowing this crap whole.

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