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More Jelly/Glitter Sandwiches

By Goosesglitter @GoosesGlitter
After my successful black and white jelly/glitter sandwich I really wanted to try more. Here are some that I came up with:
More Jelly/Glitter Sandwiches
Deborah Lippmann Yellow Brick Road and Spoiled Trust Fund Baby
I now have a reason to LOVE Yellow Brick Road (if you remember, I didn't care for it too much on its own). This is a coat of YBR then one coat of Trust Fund Baby (close to Wet n Wild Correction Tape, except the black glitter is hex instead of square), then two more coats of YBR. It looks like candy or sprinkles or Easter eggs. So springy and pretty! This is my favorite sandwich I've done so far
More Jelly/Glitter Sandwiches
New York Summer Hot Baby Blue and Milani Jewel FX Gems (with purple)
This one came out looking a LOT like Deborah Lippmann's candy shop except in a light sky blue. Great if you want the look but don't care for pink (although it's fairly easy and cheap to franken a dupe or a similar effect with whatever base color you like). I liked the overall effect a lot. One coat of HBB, one coat of Gems, one coat of HBB.
More Jelly/Glitter Sandwiches
OPI Too Hot To Hold 'Em and Love & Beauty unnamed (red, silver, and black hexes)
I'm not usually one for pinks but I do love the hot pink jelly base of this polish, and I like how the silver and red hexes all turned to shades of pink. Very Valentine's-ish. One coat of THPTHE, one coat L&B (which is similar to Spoiled Shuffle the Deck except that StD has slightly smaller black glitter), two coats THPTHE.
More Jelly/Glitter Sandwiches
Deborah Lippmann Call Me Irresponsible and Lynnderella The Glittering Crowd
This one didn't wow me so much. The Glittering Crowd is such an eye-catching, stunning combination of glitters (the best multi-colored glitter EVER in my opinion), and the purple over top just seemed to wash it out a little. Maybe some top coat would have helped but I'm not sure. It still looked pretty, just disappointing compared to what I'd hoped for. One coat CMI, one coat Glittering Crowd, one coat CMI.
Remember you can always try adding depth to the sandwich by doing and extra glitter coat then another jelly coat.  It's really fun seeing the different effects with various glitters and jellies!
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More Jelly/Glitter Sandwiches

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