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More Indian Than You Think

By Lipglossaffairs @justsangy
Its no News that Hollywood Celebs love wearing Indian outfits, no wonder that World is finally craving for the various tastes and cuisines India alone can offer, no surprise that Beauty World around the Globe is finally turning towards our ancient style of skincare and beauty; all this and more we all have read in articles and watched in news and shows. But today i have a different story to share which i was amazed by and did feel really proud to be  an Indian. 
This is way back when i was in Nigeria, Africa for 2 long years. It is not a very pleasant place to live if you have loved the comfort and safety of India all the while. Though initial days were scary, slowly i and my family did figure out ways to pull through the time.What surprised me most when i finally did manage to go around is, many things were available to make the living including the food very Indian.The locals did start growing vegetables that Indians eat and if importing masalas and spices specifically was no big deal, making their spices little Indianzed was definitely a great deal. Their locally grown Red Peppers (which are super hot) were made like Red Chilli Powder we usually use in Cooking, though their version is great for sprinkling over Raitas, Omelettes and Pizzas than for actual cooking. While their interest in Indian Outfits and hair style was often seen, their belief in Hindu Religion and devotion to Hinduism caught my eye the most.Yes, there is a Hindu temple and there are locals, nigerians chanting mantras. I have seen them dressed in white dhoti and wearing the holy thread and following the fasts and the traditions of Hinduism too. Right from performing the Puja, all the steps were bang on spot without anything amiss. It was definitely a moment of shock for me as well as a moment of pride. Seen Westerners taking side of Hinduism (ISKON devotees to be precise), seeing Nigerians following Hinduism was on whole another level.
With World embaracing Indianess more day by day, its a pride for every Indian present in every corner of the world. I sure am one proud Indian !!
While we have seen Fashion, Beauty, Cuisine from India taking over the World bit by bit, here's an other example of how Indian things are becoming even in other aspects - 

So what's your story? What is More Indian than you think according to you?
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More Indian than you Think
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