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More Fixed Stars Connected to the News Around Our World...

By Solarisastro @solarisastro

More Fixed Stars connected to the news around our world...

Just for your information I use two methods of looking at fixed stars, just so that you aren't confused. Firstly I look at direct conjunctions, where a planet directly hits the same degree that a fixed star sits on. That seems to be an overriding influence that affects us all at the same time, and some of us will react to the conjunction we have a planet or angle of our own chart at that degree point too.

Secondly I use planet and star parans, which affect a local area for any spot on the earth. The earth is spinning on it's axis and in any 24 hour period you will be able to observe all the stars and planets "rising" at the eastern horizon, getting to the highest point in the sky that they can reach at their "culmination" point, and "setting" at the western horizon. The stars and planets while they are below the horizon also get to a lowest point too, the "nadir", before they begin to rise up to eastern horizon once again for the next day. These four local angles or each star and planet can be used to form a Paran or a relationship.

When any planet at one of these individual points coincides with a star hitting one of it's own, a paran is made. For example a planet rising and a star at it's culmination make a paran, likewise a planet setting as a star hits it nadir, or maybe a star and a planet setting at the horizon at the same time. These paran links were used by Astrologers at the dawn of Astrology. They didn't have Astrology wheels, but they could see when a planet was at the height of it's trajectory across the sky, as a star was appearing or disappearing on the horizon. These links were noted, and old lore and legends were formed. What I am doing is just helping revive an astrological tradition and technique as old as the hills, and one where you don't even need an Astrology chart to work out what is going on.

A few more fixed star connections that I have noticed in the past few days - all of these are paran connections.

In South Korea, the female President Park Geun-Hye has been embroiled in a corruption scandal and on 31st March she was arrested. This occurred as Saturn, the planet of loss, restriction and justice was making a very close paran specifically over Seoul to two stars, Vindemiatrix, a star in Virgo known as the collector or gatherer and secondly the star Misam, a star sitting in the wrist of the constellation of the warrior Perseus. How appropriate is this? The authorities (Saturn) in Seoul literally collected her (Vindemiatrix) and slapped handcuffs on her wrists (Misam)!!!

Yesterday in North East France at a town called Villepinte they were having a carnival which was disrupted by the explosion of a bonfire, killing many people. It just so happens that the star Sirius, otherwise known as "the scorcher" was making close paran connections to both the Sun and the Moon, again specific to that locality.

The star Achernar sits in the constellation of Eridanus, the river and is connected with crisis situations and fast moving events. In Colombia close to the city of Mocoa, heavy rain, flash floods and mudslides have killed 250 people there, and the death toll is unfortunately rising. The planet Uranus, bringer of shocks and surprises is making the closest paran link to Achernar. A similar situation has been playing out in Indonesia, where a landslide cause by heavy rain killed 11 people in the town of Banaran. There the Sun has been making a close paran to the same star.

Now to Gibraltar which you may have known is a bone of contention over the upcoming Brexit talks. Gibraltar is ruled by the British, but Spain has claimed sovereignty of the rock for the past 300 years. The star Alhena, a star on one of the feet of the twins in Gemini is now in paran with the planet Uranus specifically connected to Gibraltar. This star is called the "Marching One" linked to causes, protests and marching in support of an issue, and the people there are protesting as one against the EU taking a bargaining position with the UK in so much as Spain will have a veto over the Brexit agreements, unless the UK lets go of some of the administration of the territory.

This is just a snapshot of the current world's news, all I feel being influenced by the stars and planets. I hope you find it all as fascinating as I do...

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