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More Evidence Linking the Ukrainian Nazis to Three Proven False Flag Operations Since February

Posted on the 01 August 2014 by Calvinthedog

The first false flag involved the Right Sector snipers on roofs who killed Berkut police but mostly killed their own Maidan protestors. 100 people were killed by Maidan Nazi snipers in one day, February 20. They got away with it at the time and they are still getting away with it. The uproar over the slaughter and the Western media blaming the Berkuts was so great that the Yanukovitch government resigned and the coup government took over. Yanukovitch had to flee for his life to Russia.

The Wikipedia article about the incident continues to blame the Berkut.

However, we now have a recorded conversation between the Estonian Foreign Minister Urmas Paet and the EU Foreign Policy Chief Cathy Ashton in which the Estonian politician says that investigations showed that all protestors, police and Maidans, were shot by the same people. Furthermore, an investigation revealed that all of the bullets were of the same type. This was a type that the Berkuts did not even have. In addition, the Berkuts had no sniper rifles in their armory and they had no trained snipers on their force.

Paet said that investigations had concluded that the Maidan Right Sector units had shot both the police and their own Maidan protestors. Later, an anti-Russian Ukrainian MP set up a commission to investigate the shootings. He concluded that there was no evidence whatsoever that the Berkuts police killed any of those people. Left unstated was the logical conclusion that the Maidan fascists shot their own people.

The second false flag was the murder of anywhere from 30-120 unarmed pro-federalist protestors in the Labor Ministry in Odessa. The Western press continues to claim that the protestors killed themselves by setting themselves on fire, but mostly the Western media has simply stopped talking about it.

The third false flag was the downing of the jetliner. It is starting to look a lot like the Nazis shot down that jet in order to blame it on the self-defense forces.

The Russians have photos of five Nazi Buks in the immediate vicinity of the shootd own the day before. Later a Buk was moved near the border of the Nazi and self-defense zones. The Russians picked up one Buk radar operating in the area, and that was manned by Nazis. The Russians even know the name of the unit which was using that radar. Furthermore, the Russians now have video showing what looks like the launch of a SAM, apparently a Buk, from inside Nazi territory right before the jet went down.

In addition, local residents in the area of the shoot down where US intelligence says a self-defense force Buk shot down the jet say that they never saw any Buk in the hands of the self-defense forces, and they never saw any Buk launch that day from the area where the US says the self-defense forces launched their phantom Buk.

A BBC reporter went to the exact site where the Nazi government said the self-defense forces launched their Buk, but the reporter found no evidence that a Buk had ever been there and residents said there had never been any Buk there and that they saw on Buk launch from that area. Later this report was pulled by the ultra-corrupt and criminal BBC network, an arm of the criminal British government. This shows how evidence of who shot down the jet is being deliberately manipulated by criminals in the British and US governments. The criminal Spanish government has also been involved in covering up evidence that the Nazis shot down the jet.

No one has ever proved that the self-defense forces had a working Buk at any time. The only Buk they seized was said to be nonoperational from the very start as it lacked a radar. All photos of the supposed self-defense force Buk have been shown to be fakes. These are actually photos of Nazi Buks taken on Nazi-held territory. There is no evidence that the Russians trained self-defense forces on Buks at a base in Russia, nor is there evidence that the Russians supplied the self-defense forces with a Buk.

All US “evidence” proving this has apparently been faked by the CIA. The truth is that the Russians would probably not risk giving the self-defense forces a Buk, and the self-defense forces do not even know how to operate one anyway. I doubt if the Russians would send in a Buk to be operated by a Russian crew. That is a serious involvement beyond what the Russians have done so far.

The important take home point here is that the Nazi government has repeatedly shown that they are willing to stage incidents in which they kill civilians for political goals in order to blame the killings on the opposition. If they have done it three times already, they certainly would be expected to do it a fourth time.

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