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Mood Boards Are Always Happy

By Partycraftsecrets @partycraftsecrt
Mood Boards are Always HappyIt's no secret that Mood Boards are magic; no matter how you make them.  In the past I have always been a big fan of doing them by hand; placing fabric swatches, magazine pictures and old birthday cards side by side.  Then digital versions such as the 'Collage' tool on Picassa made it faster and easier to combine a variety of digital photos and color swatches.  Now I'm onto Pinterest.  It's a fabulous fun and fast way to 'pin' your 'interests' onto a digital mood board for continual reference and modification.  Add, delete, add more...
In the space of a couple of short days I've made several and I'm loving the many truly beautiful images of craft projects and more, that so many incredibly talented people have generated.
The first board I made was "My Favourite Colours" and you'll see plenty of candy pink mixed with baby blue; the sweetest combination there is!
Other boards you might like include:
Rainbow Craft
Crafty Monograms
Party Ideas...
and the list goes on.
Mood boards are always happy; but life is short, so now that I've collected some inspirational images I want to get off the computer and into the sunshine and start MAKING these glorious ideas!  Go on... get crafty - any which way you can!

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