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Mont Blanc Avalanche, Another Syrian Massacre, Expect More Tragedy as Mars, Uranus and Pluto Collide.

By Solarisastro @solarisastro

France Avalanche

We are coming up to a very dangerous astrological formation in the next couple of days, a t-square forming between Mars Uranus and Pluto in the universe above us is probably one of the nastiest ones I have seen since I started doing Astrology. It will have ramifications for many people and the news reports I fear will be dominated by a series of tragic incidents.

Transits 13 07 12

I normally look at the individual charts for each incident, but just because of the nature of the t-square involved I don’t really need to. Mars opposite Pluto square to Uranus promises all amounts of disruption, potential violence, accidents in the next few days, all in the most stressful configuration that these 3 planets could possibly form. Mars is the planet of force, of action and violence. It rules anger, desire, passion, frustration, fire, the military, machines, guns and explosives. Mars squares to Uranus the planet of rebellion, of shocks and unexpected events and these two planets also connect with Pluto, the planet of control, of regeneration, underground action, of cruelty, destruction and death.

Transits tsquare

It is a violent cocktail of energies that could trigger any amount of nasty events. Already as this t-square is forming, there has been a fatal accident in the French Alps near to Mont Blanc where 6 climbers including notable British climber Roger Payne were engulfed and killed by a deadly avalanche. In Syria, there are reports this morning of the biggest massacre of the civil war there to date, with 250 people feared dead.

For sure, there is a lot of energy here as all three planets are in cardinal signs, the element that impels thing to happen. This energy will be released over the next few days as this t-square tightens. Mars, the trigger in this t-square, is now at 5 degrees Libra and is approaching exact aspects with Pluto and Uranus which sit in at 8 Aries and 8 Capricorn respectively. The closest pass of these 3 planets is around 17th to 19th July, although obviously the effects are already being felt as the incidents I have highlighted have shown.

Where are these incidents likely to happen? Impossible question to answer I am afraid, although maybe in the future we will work out a way of pinpointing danger zones. As for your own lives, take a bit more care over the next couple of weeks, as personal accidents are just as likely to happen.  By the way, it’s not just stressed square or opposition aspects that cause accidents to happen. Easy going trines (120 degrees) allow energy to flow, and if that energy is bad energy, it can affect you just as much if not more than a tension or stressful aspect. As a result, be extra careful if you have any of your personal planets (Sun, Moon or Ascendant ruler) or angles (Ascendant or Descendant, Midheaven or IC) at between 5-11 degrees of any of the signs.

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