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Monster Cookies

By Veronica46
Monster Cookies  I agree with Alli n Son, when you say monster cookie, you must use your deepest gravelly voice. No wimpy sweet voice like Elmo will do when requesting these delectable treats! Monster Cookies What on earth am I talking about you ask? Monster Cookies I guess I should start from the beginning. It is that time again, you guessed it, The Secret Recipe Club. Monster Cookies I was hooked up with Alli n Son. It is a really cool blog, full of yummy recipes. It was very hard to decide what to make so, I picked Monster Cookies. So if you get a chance check out The Secret Recipe Club. While you are at it say hello to her sister site Amandas Cooking if you get a chance. Monster Cookies Also a big thank you to Angela at Big Bears Wife  who makes all this look so easy. Peace be with you, Veronica 

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