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Monkey See, Monkey Do, Or Humans Imitate Each Other

Posted on the 02 January 2019 by Calvinthedog

Because women so often lack confidence and have low self-esteem, they prefer to latch onto confident men with high self-esteem. This way she can “leach” or access some of your confidence and high self-regard from you merely by your very presence. This is because our feelings affect others, so others can easily leach or suck feelings off of us. Perhaps a better way to put it would be to say that we can borrow feelings from each other.

If you believe in the existence of psychic energy that actually flows around the environment as I do, then any human around you is generating energy, and this energy can affect you if you allow it to. And if this energy is flying around in the air so to speak, it should be accessible to you.

Another thing we do is imitate each other. Everyone knows kids imitate each other, but few realize that adults continue imitating each other all through life!

Have you ever sat down in a room to meet someone and noticed that the person dramatically changed their demeanor when you sat down and that now they appear to be acting like you do? This has happened to me many times. If you have a vibe about you that is pleasant and worth imitating, and the person has experience with that vibe or feeling set, then they can imitate you quite easily.

In this way, we “mirror” each other. Mirroring has a benefit as it allows us to connect better with those in proximity to us and thereby to create social bonds between us, since socializing is very important for most humans. We even have neurons in our brains called mirror neurons which are thought to be used for mirroring the feels, vibes, energy, and cognition of those around us.

Even so-called loners need a social fix now and then. I have to go out every single day at least to get a cup of coffee, and I’m a writer who often spends a lot of time alone. But I need that heroin shot of social life, if only for 15 minutes at a coffee shop, to, among other things, keep me sane. As soon as I get my fix, I am usually good for the rest of the day.

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