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By Rubytuesday
I had quite the busy and productive day todayWhile I was over in my neighbours house minding Bobby the dogSome people called to view the houseAs it is up for saleThey were only supposed to look around outside But they asked me if they could have a look inside So I put Bobby in to the bedroomAnd gave the prospective buyers an impromptu tour of the houseI have to admit I really enjoyed itAnd really got in to it tooBefore I knew I was using words like 'potential' and 'space'And isn't the light in this room amazing?They seemed quite impressed with the house And made all the right noises It is a lovely little cottageAnd in an ideal world I would snap it upIf I had the funds of courseWhy does it always come down to money.....?
Anyway After my little tour I came home And got a call from the lady from the employment scheme I was looking in to She asked if I could meet her at lunch time today I could So we met in the local village Her name was MajellaAnd she was lovely She explained that the course is about getting people back in to employment By matching them up with an occupation they are interested in It's a four year course A mixture of training and workWhich is 20 hours a weekShe asked me what areas I am interested in So of course I said something to do with animals And asked her if it would be possible to get a place in a stables Here's where the downer comes The placement can't be in a working businessIt has to be a non profit organisationSo that rules the possibility of working in a stables So my next thought was an animal sanctuary Which she didn't seem entirely thrilled about Failing that I said I would be interested in working in an arts centre So she seemed a bit more positive about that Majella is going to look in to itAnd get back to meBut I have to admit I was disappointed about the horse riding I came home feeling a little deflatedSo I decided to do a little digging Of my own
A few short clicks on the computer later And I had found a horsemanship course in a town about 30 minutes from meI decided to give them a ring I was speaking to a lady called AtlantaWho was very helpful She told me all about the course Which is 18 months long Two days a week are spent in the stables learning about care of the horses and riding And three days in the classroom It sounded brilliant So I asked Atlanta so send me out the application form She said now is a good time to be applying As there are six new people starting the course next monthSo I could potentially start then Exciting!!!
So That leaves me with a couple of options I will see what Majella comes back to me with And I will also apply for the horsemanship course I guess I will have to choose one though The good thing about the employment scheme is that it's two and a half days a week Which is very manageable And I can fit all my other things around itThe horsemanship course is full time A bit of a drive away But saying that I am much more excited to do this course Atlanta told me that I could do a tater course lasting a weekTo see if it's something I am interested inTo be honest I don't need to do that I know I'll love it But I guess the smart thing to do would be to do it anyway Whatever happens I will keep my options openBut I feel real excitement when I think of moving onAnd doing something I love I just know that what I'm meant to do will happen Fingers crossed....

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