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Mom’s Journey – Mrs. Raizy Bedi Founder & CEO Magicka.

By Themommytale

There is no limit to dream, You just need wings of courage and can fly at any point in life.

We bring a new inspiring story of Real Moms for you. Today, We have a story of a mom, Who first choose to settle her kids and then started her professional Journey. Raizy Bedi Founder Magicka. Magicka is an online Community that provides a platform to all women entrepreneurs and gives them wings.

Mrs. Raizy Bedi Founder Magicka, She did her Schooling from Presentation Convent High School and Graduate from English Hons from Miranda House Delhi. She started her career in 2011 when her kids were groomed and settled. Magicka is a government registered organization and have successfully done events with government of India and MSME

Here is what she has to say about her journey as a Mom.....

I feel that Motherhood is God's choicest blessing ever bestowed on any woman. It's a choice that we make every day, to put your kid's happiness and well-being ahead of our own. I'm proud of many things in life, but nothing beats being a mother. I'm a proud and blessed mother of three grown up kids Rabbani, Rajvir & Rhea.

If you ask me about how was my motherhood journey, then as any other mother there were many sleepless nights, daily challenges and frustrations too, as through the journey of bringing them up into fine human beings. I have always tried to be a friendly mom to my children, ensuring that they get to have the privacy they deserve along with some restrictions which are equally important for the child's well-being. They may take liberties with me as a friend, but as a mother, I never let them take advantage of me. A mother has to be a real mentor, guide and a source of inspiration to her children.
I would suggest all mothers to teach their kids how to live to the fullest. Always give quality time to your children and be there whenever they need you. Always be a good example to your children. It's important to be a good mother than a perfect one. Nowadays, I see that mom's loose their temper very easily. Please be patient and learn how to hold your temper. You might miss the thing that your child wants to share with you. One more thing I would like to ask moms is to know how to balance well between your work and your family.

Professional Journey post kids that too after so many years, Second inning is not that easy as we always assume, Here Mrs. Raizy Bedi Founder Magicka shares her thoughts with us....

I started Magicka Women in 2011 with the support of my husband Arvind S Bedi. I'm the face of Magicka whereas he handles the back-end operations along with his business.

The main aim of starting this organization was to promote women entrepreneurship in India. I wished to aim at that India, where women contribute equally towards the economy. In the initial run, I started with Gurgaon women, but never realized when it started expanding immensely and now we have more than 40,000 women members all across the globe. Most of the people think entrepreneurs are primarily motivated by making money, but in my case, then there is a twist on the story that I derive my business power by helping people make money.Every day I receive notes from women who use my platform and tell me it's changed their lives. After the hectic day when I sit down and read the messages and emails I get a great motivation and happiness that is beyond any worldly pleasure. My aim for Magicka Women is to achieve that EUREKA moment to create a new wave of women entrepreneurship all across the globe.

She started her second inning and do so well in her professional life. This is not a piece of cake. So What if the kids have grown up every age group has its own requirement. Mrs. Raizy Bedi shares her Mantra of managing it superbly with us.

Juggling a professional life and motherhood is not easy. In fact, it's hard, trust me. But fortunately, I started my career when my kids had grown up with the back-end support of my husband. But still, my priority is to be with my children, for the same I have set up a small office in my home premises so that I work from home and still spend time with them. So I feel that all working moms require a much-needed sense of balance between their identities and professions.

When you start your Professional Life after a particular period of time in your life. And here she has to manage a huge group of women. Mrs. Raizy Bedi Founder Magicka says...

My journey as the CEO was not so easy. Off and on I had to deal with women who were not always cooperative. I had to struggle hard day and night to build Magicka, which you see as a successful organization today.

You can very well image how it would have been difficult to build the vast network of women. I was accredited by India Book of Records for launching India's First Women in Business Directory on 27 August 2015. I received many awards and recognition for my contribution to the society.

Magicka members are called Magickapreneurs and are bonded by strong threads of unity. Magicka community is organically growing fast day by day and that time is not far when there will be a successful Magickapreneur in every family.

It is so inspiring to see a Mom who has an attitude to never give up in life. She inspires us all Here is a piece of advice from Mrs. Raizy Bedi Founder Magicka to our readers...

At the end, I would like to advise all Women who are or wish to start their careers to never give up. Sustenance is the key to success. Create the grandest vision possible in your life. If you want to fly give up everything that weighs you down. You just have to balance between your professional and family life.

Sort out your priorities, learn to delegate duties to other members of family and your employees and business partners.The best thing that helps entrepreneurs with children survive is delegating their employees and business partners. Set boundaries...Both at home and office, which will help you remain present and focused on the task at hand, which is especially important during family time. Last but not the least take good care of your health both physical and emotional.

I Thank you, Mrs. Raizy Bedi Founder Magicka, for sharing her journey with us it is truly inspiring and I wish you All the Best for the future. I am sure her journey has touched you. Please visit FB link for more details on her venture here.

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