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Molehills into Mountains

By Gran13

mountain and molehill 1


Whenever I worried excessively, I realized that anxiety caused my  mind to fret over a particular problem forcing me to think more about the issue than about finding a solution for it. And as a result, the problem took on gigantic proportions. So, when my thoughts tended to run wild, I blew everything up, losing track of reality and resultantly turned a small mole into a huge mountain. I assumed the worst, jumped to conclusions, and was unable to think clearly.

During stressful times, when my mind was in what I now call panic mode,  I was prone to catastrophizing and I felt as if I were having a panic attack, even though I was not quite sure what that meant. My mind seemed to be convinced that a panic attack would have terrible results. After all, what did I know in those days? Today, I look on the bright side, find the half full glass and believe with everything in me that things will be alright.

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