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Modern Republican Orthodoxy: What Would Abe and Ike Do?

Posted on the 11 April 2015 by Rfschatten @RFSchatten
By RF Schatten
Republicans hate it when they are called Racist!...but, when they're called Racists by one of their own?
The Party of Lincoln and Eisenhower has become the Party of Nixon's "Southern Strategy" ...all the Racist Democratic Party remnants of the "Dixiecrats" are now the Southern Chapter of the Grand Old Party. The Party that Strom Thurmond bolted to, because the Democrats were just not Racist enough to his likes.
In a serious political world, when good old time Religion takes precedent over the Government's Affairs of State...when treason becomes fashionable in the name of God!
The Degenerate Hypocrisy of 47 treasonous US Senators and the Speaker of the US House....publicly undermining the Commander-In-Chief, by negotiating with a Foreign Government behind the back of the President of the United States, the State Dept, and its Ambassadors. Illegally negotiating against the best interest of their own country...while forming an alliance with a Foreign Government to undermine the rest of the World and declare war on Iran! The Republican-sponsored Kirk-Menendez Bill would obligate the United States into going to War...if Israel, requests that the US invade Iran! By-passing the President and the rest of the Country...a Foreign Leader declaring War in behalf of the United States...instead of our own leaders? doesn't sound too "Kosher"?? It's a pretty sorry state of affairs on the human intelligence of Republicans, that to them...the only solution for Diplomacy is War!
The Degeneracy of a Political Party publicly warning the entire World that 300 Republicans will undermine the United Nations' efforts on Climate Change and that of their own Country's...and the 7 Billion people in the planet who wants to survive!
The Degeneracy of Dick Chaney deliberately exposing an American Undercover Field Agent, the CIA's top Spy on Nuclear personal payback to her husband, Ambassador Joe Wilson, for acknowledging that the allegations of "Weapons of Mass Destruction' in Iraq...was completely False Information.
The Degenerate stench of arrogant accusations at the Public for advancing Racism against Evangelicals. Hating inhuman scum is not racist!...they come in every Race, Color, or Creed! When Ted Cruz says that Gays are having a "Jihad" against Evangelicals, he's just advancing more of that hatred among his ignorant flock. "Jihad" in its pure Arabic meaning, refers to an effort to practice religion in the face oppression and persecution. Who's being persecuted? who's actually calling for the death of all California gays? or is it trying to pass Legislation like that, just only for symbolic purpose? What's symbolic with Indiana? with Arkansas? No! these batshit sub-humanoids are deadly serious! and for them "Jihad" has become more synonymous with "Holy War". To them, the Bible comes ahead of Country, the Constitution, and all the Laws of the Land!!
Who are racists? let a Republican tell you!! Working directly with the GOP, Lawrence Wilkerson knows a little bit about the insides of the Republican Party!
"There are sane and sober people in the Republican Party!...but the Party has 'scores' of Racists"!  Religious Fundamentalism and Right Wing Militarism, bent on the latest war to end all negotiations, no diplomacy, only War!...and Israel watching on. Fighting a War for someone else! that 'is' the blatant ignorance and disrespect the GOP has towards the American Public!
How much is the Republican Party's integrity towards the values of having a War? In Wilkerson's words;
"The U.S. Government paid Contractors $138 Billion. KBR, a subsidiary of Cheney’s former company Halliburton, received about $40 Billion in Government Contracts. We wasted a ton of money. It went into people’s pockets, like Halliburton and Lockheed Martin and Bechtel... and a lot of Iraqis like Ahmed Chalabi"
"Dick Cheney and Bush are both Oil men and wanted to ensure 300 Billion Barrels didn’t stay in Saddam’s hands" Good old greed and corruption!!...or did you really ever believe? honestly believe? that we're helping Irag become a Democratic society? As Democratic as the GOP is right here? suppressing the right to vote! and ostracizing the Poor, the Women, the Elderly, the Gays, the Blacks, and the Hispanic Communities??
They want Iraq to be just like America!...with all its divine corruption...that's the American way!!  Who needs Integrity? A Democracy with built-in Racism!...they 'do' hate the Great Satan, and Evangelicals sure hate Islam! Today's Republican Orthodoxy...the far side of bizarre!
"If we attacked Iran, they would go Nuclear. If we attacked Iran it would take 500,000 Troops, 10 years and Trillions of Dollars. Alexander the Great almost died in Iran. You don’t want to invade Iran! Iran has 75 million people, and it’s the most stable Country in the Region" ~~ Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson, Chief of Staff for Colin Powell
Now we have a group of Fools ready to start a War to Armageddon because they like to read a book of "literature", called The Bible!! John McCain, that Military expert on Jet Crashes...who would've never been known today, if he didn't crash just one last time and gotten captured..believes we should bomb the shit out of Iran and every other country in the Mid-East, Lindsay Graham? Oh! whatever Johnny wants is fine with him, of course! Tom Cotton wants to bomb Iran, too; "3 days, and we're all done!" problem, he says!! ..And with Teddy the Messiah, and Daddy, his Rasputin...what could possibly go wrong??
“The GOP has scores of racists”: A former Bush official condemns modern Republican orthodoxy -

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