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Modern Day Wedding Proposal: Proposing With A Touch Of Technology

Posted on the 16 May 2019 by Rahulthepcl

As everyone wants to make the day they ask for their partner's hand in marriage unforgettable, people seemingly put their mind to it. From intimate dinners at fancy restaurants to grand public mobs, wedding proposals have become more creative as time progresses.

Modern Day Wedding Proposal: Proposing With A Touch Of Technology

Although settling for going with the traditional and simple way of inviting your partner to marry you is already fine as it is, being a tad bit extra and incorporating technology might even just give you more impressive results, plus the fact that it will make your proposal more memorable and timeless. Listed below are some creative ideas for a modern-day marriage proposal that will give you a one-way ticket to your happily ever after.
But before anything else, if you plan on having a proposal with a ring involved, finding a perfect ring to slip onto your partner's finger is necessary. Make sure to get one that best complements your partner yet also fits her/his comfort. You can consult jewelry shops such as , or any other stores you have in mind, which offer a wide array of options that can accommodate you with your allocated budget and give you a quality experience.

Make an application or a website with your proposal on it

Sounds tricky, alright. But once the application or web page is over with the creation process and done with, it might be one of the best things you can give your partner serving both as an invitation and a gift. Making an application is now made easy and convenient given that we're presented with various website builders and application-creating softwares that we can use.
You can include a lot of exciting activities within the application and/or website. You can have it contained with posts, games, photos, or whatever you want to put to have your partner enjoy it better. Now, where's the thrill? If you plan on creating an application, make it appear as a game, a quiz game for a good example, but have it lead to your proposal.

However, if you resorted to creating a website, make it seem as though it's just a common site until he/she gets to explore and find out what's more to it. Don't spoil the fact that it's created for your proposal. Even just from there, it already sounds good and unforgettable.

Create a movie out of documented memories you shared with your Partner

It's already a popular idea to propose after a good movie, but it's a much better idea to have your partner watch your shared memories together, and then pop the question and pull out the ring right after.

Gather all the pictures and videos you took together, put in narrations and captions, and have it compiled into a film. Not only is it romantic, but it can also help you create the perfect mood for your proposal.

Make a proposal playlist

It might seem cliché, but it never gets old. A lot of people have made playlists for specific purposes and some have their dedicated to certain people. If you're someone who finds it hard to express through words what you truly feel, this is the best option for you.

List songs that remind you of your loved one or your relationship and the songs that contain whatever you don't have the tongue to tell him/her and put them in a playlist. Make sure to put ones that will leave him/her hints of you intending to ask for his/her hand in marriage.
You can also compose songs and add them to the playlist. This way, you can express yourself and your thoughts about your loved one better. Regardless of your vocal quality, your partner's appreciation is assured.
Those mentioned above are only a few out of the many ideas that are made doable in today's time. Don't limit yourself with these options. You know for a fact that you know your partner well enough to know what tickles his/her heart. Be creative as you please, while making sure that it's a yes.

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