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Moderation Vs Facilitation Vs Training

Posted on the 16 May 2022 by Lifecoachbloggers

Coaching Vs Mentoring

In coaching, objective is set by coachee and is defined clearly. for example, I want to improve my voice as I want to become a movie star. In mentoring, objectives are identified, defined, guided and counselled by the mentor. for example, Mentee says, "I want to become a movie star, for that first thing I've to do is improve my voice". Mentor (ideally a popular actor) responds, "I'm sorry, as a mentor, I recommend you to improve your physical fitness before working on your voice."

Speech Vs Lecture

You give a speech in order to express your feelings, thoughts, opinions and beliefs while a lecture is given by an expert, a professor, for example, to a set of students. Speech is informal talk while a lecture is an educational talk.

Presentation Vs Training

In a presentation your objective is to convey the message, information and knowledge you have in your mind while in a training your objective is to understand what your audience want and align you’re your information as per your audience expectations.

Training Vs Facilitation

In a training, you will have the control over the information, content and the objectives. You can decide the objective while in a facilitation, the content will be pre-defined by the organization and you may not alter the objectives and are expected to deliver the content as-it-is.

Facilitation Vs Moderation

While in Facilitation, the objective of the program is already decided by either the facilitator or any other business stakeholders such as managers, vendors or team supervisor but in moderation, the very OUTCOME could be define the objectives. 

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