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Mobile Damage Repair - Doorstep Pickup and Delivery

Posted on the 01 September 2017 by Shubham Ahuja @MeShubhamAhuja
Security encompasses a lot of things, including securing your expensive items from physical damage. With smartphones costing upward of tens of thousands, it is but natural for you to want to protect them. Unlike expensive jewelry or watches or valuable documents, a smartphone cannot be locked in a cupboard. It is an item we use almost constantly and hence, physical damage or damage from a liquid cannot be avoided. Since your phone is as likely to suffer from a virus attack as you are, it is but natural to seek protection against malware damage. 
Mobile Damage Repair - Doorstep Pickup and Delivery

Airtel Secure Plan launched with Device Damage Protection, Antivirus and Cloud Backup

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Companies such as Airtel have taken the lead to provide these services, but the most convenient aspect of this service is the pick and drop of the phone from your home or office. Designed for the company’s mobile prepaid and postpaid subscribers, it also comes with cloud back-up.

Accidental Damage Protection 

This covers the mobile damage repair that you may need after spilling liquid on your smartphone or dropping it accidentally. The first condition is that you have to report the damage to company within 48 hours of the damage occurring. You can claim 60 percent of the value of the damage and the service center personnel come to you to collect your device.

Malware Theft and Anti-Virus Protection

As mentioned above, virus attacks and malware protection are the need of the hour. The company under "Airtel Postpaid Promise" also offers secure services will protect your device against phishing scams, malware theft and virus attacks. Subscribers will be asked to download and install a security application. This is an add-on service and comes at an extra charge. 

Call assistance 24x7

Damage to your smartphone will not occur in the daytime or as per convenience of a service provider. Hence, 24 hours call assistance is provided to the subscribers of Airtel Secure. You can call customer service at any time of the day or night to report damage, and the call center representative will schedule a pickup of the damaged handset. Of course, the pickup and drop delivery is available only in the daytime.

Cloud Backup

A smartphone is used to capture content and data, from job offer letters to photographs of a baby’s first step. You don’t want those destroyed when your phone is damaged. A cloud backup for your personal and professional information is thus as necessary as malware protection. The cloud you choose should be able to offer you protection from theft and enough space to hold all your memories or results showcasing your hard work. This way even when your phone is damaged and has been picked up for repair, you can use another device to log in to the cloud and access information.

Provides Insurance

The largest network is able to provide security on your smartphones, even for handsets that are more than two years old because it has tied up with an insurance company. As with the workings of an insurance company, your claim is covered by them. A maximum of two claims are applicable for a given period and the company will investigate your claim before beginning the repair. Hence, if possible document the proof of the accident, to make the process smooth sailing for you.
Airtel Secure Plan subscription is available in at Rs 49/month and Rs 79/month. The value of subscription will be pre-determined by Airtel based on the device you use. To subscribe to the plan you need to log in to MyAirtel app and click on the ‘Airtel Secure Offer’ banner. For prepaid subscribers, the monthly charges are deducted from their main account balance. Whereas for postpaid subscribers, the charges will be included in their monthly bill.

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