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Mixed Veg and Dal Rice

By Harini
Toor dal is a staple in almost all Tamil kitchens.It used in various forms-as a seasoning in vatha kuzhambu,in paprupu usili,kootu,sambar etc, just to name a few.I just love the earthy falvour it gives to any dish.Now this mixed veg and dal rice is something I grew up with,my amma makes this very often. This is a very very simple but awesome tasting dish.The addition of various vegetables along with toor dal loads it with all nutrients and it is very suitable for fussy toddlers.
Mixed veg and dal rice
Ingredients :
2 cups rice
3/4 cup toor-dal
1 carrot chopped fine
10 beans chopped fine
1 small bunch of methi leaves (optional)
1+1 green,dried red chilli
1 small piece of ginger crushed
1 small onion chopped or 1/4 tsp asafoetida
1 tomato chopped fine
 1 tsp turmeric powder
1tsp coriander seed powder
A generous pinch of chilli powder(optional)
few curry leaves and cilantro
1 Tbs lemon juice
2 +1 Tbs ghee
Mustard,cumin seeds for seasoning ,salt to taste
Heat 2Tbs ghee in a pressure cooker, add mustard,cumin and let them splutter.Add green+red chilli,curry leaves,ginger and asafoetida (if using) and fry for two minutes.Add chopped onion (instead of asafoetida) and fry till golden brown.Now add chopped tomato and fry for two more mins.Now add the methi leaves,chopped vegetables,chilli powder,turmeric powder,coriander seed powder and fry well.Now add the washed toor dal ,rice and salt to taste and fry for 2 minutes.Add 4 cups of water and pressure cook till 4 whistles.Open the cooker after the pressure is released,add cilantro,1Tbs ghee,lemon juice,mix well and serve.
Serving suggestion:
Spicy potato roast,papads (vadagam) raita.
1.You can pressure cook for whistles to make it in pongal consistancy
2.vegetables like peas,capsicum,corn can also be added
3.1Tbsp sambar powder can be used instead of turmeric and coriander seed powder

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