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Missing You Or the Routine of You?

By Bren @Virtual_Bren


I thought I would enjoy the time away from each other, mind you, we aren’t exactly lovey dovey lately.

But I would soon find out by Day 2, that the thought of you having fun without me, annoyed me.

I wondered how it was so easy for you to just act as though nothing was wrong?

Missing You or Just Simply Routine?

How easy you could just go on and have fun?

Day 2 was the hardest in deed and if it wasn’t for my menstrual struggles, I probably would have managed well.

By Day 3, I embrace the peace and quiet and focused on me. Just me.

It was wonderful to put myself first and not have to beg for the tv to be turned down or for you to roll over because you were snoring so loudly.

It was also great to have the entire king-size bed to myself and sprawl out on it any which way I wanted to.

However by Day 4, I found myself wondering, did I really miss YOU, the person or was it just missing the ROUTINE of having you around?

It’s sad to ponder those questions but I must know. How do I find out the answer?

I dig deep inside myself to search for the unknown answers to my question but doubt I will find them before you return.

Will I have another chance to ponder this questions?

Will not having the answers eat me up?

How far must one dig inside to find the true answers?

Or is the answer to my question returning to me soon?

- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

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