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Missing My Squatters Butt

By Molly @MKPappas

Towards the end of last year, I put CrossFit on hold to pursue some other fitness endeavors.  A short 4 months later, I missed it so much I came back.


Right now, I’m at a stage where I’m building back up some of my lost strength. That hasn’t been too bad, especially with the extra work I’ll do after a WOD or on the weekends. But what I’m really struggling with is my squatters butt.

What’s a squatters butt you ask? Well, it probably looks different on every person, so let me give you an idea of what MY version of squatters butt is…


Please excuse the poorly photoshopped arrow…(also, thank God for yoga pants)

I know by a lot of standards, I’m not packin’ anything impressive back there. But when your tush used to essentially melt into the back of your legs, any improvement is cause for celebration (Also, please tell me I’m not the only person with this problem…)

Justin can tell you – reclaiming my squatters butt glory has become a slight obsession. But I find comfort in knowing I’m not the only person mildly (read: insanely) zeroed in on firming up this body part. Quite a few of my clients have mentioned wanting to include more glute-enhancing exercises to their training sessions. So I came up with a good lower body workout for them & wanted to share it with you too! (Because what good is a squatters butt without some nice hammies and quads to round it all out?!)

Lower Body Circuit Workout

Know what that is?! It’s a squat rack – extinct from Planet Fitness locations since January 2014.

Use weights that are moderately challenging.  You should be aiming to reach failure around the last 1 or 2 reps. Be careful though – 20 is a lot of reps, so don’t go overboard! If you have any questions or need modifications, let me know :) But trust me, it is normal to be sweating and cursing me by the end of this.  You’re welcome in advance.

Question of the day:
Do you have one body part you’re paying particular attention to lately? What’s your favorite exercise for it? 

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