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Mini Beauty Rave

By Inafarawaytree @EmilyJ_S


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L’oreal Primer  |  Benetint  |  Ecotools Brushes

Lovely things come in small packages…

Hello, it’s been a while so I thought I’d do something a bit different.

I thought I’d show you two new things which I love and one old and trusted favorite.

I had been looking for a primer for a little while, but didn’t want one that made me greasy, or dry.  I also didn’t want one that made my skin dull, so this ones perfect.  I don’t know much about beauty and things and I’m not a reviewer BUUUUTTTT I do really love this and although the portion (portion?!) is smallish, a little goes quite a long way.  Because it’s shimmery and makes your complexion glow, it’s also nice to use it on top of your foundation on the places you want to highlight.

Next is the well known and beloved Benetint.  Now I don’t know about you, but I LOVE a good farmer-esque rosy glow, it makes you look healthier, brighter and because I’m pale, I much prefer pinks than browns.  A few blobs of this on your apples and you’re looking like an English Rose fresh from the garden (sort of).  It’s also lovely as a subtle lip tint to enhance your natural pink color for sweeeet lips! (Note: Benetint also smells like Rosewater – bonus).

Finally my lovely new set of brushes.  They are a bit mini, well not mini, but handbag sized.  I wanted some lovely, soft new brushes that had everything you needed for a great face base.  They are prettyyyy, handy and super swishy soft.  These aren’t the way you HAVE TO or are SUPPOSED TO use them, but it’s the way I like to use them.  My fave is the concealer buffing brush (pic. 2) because it works wonders at blending in concealer around the eyes and making it look flawless (my biggest problem is like blue colouring in my eye socket – weird, but it’s because I’m so pale, that I’m see through, like a bit of tissue paper, so the buffer helps reinforce pathetic skin).  My least favorite is the foundation brush (which I’ve just realised I’ve not included in on the picture – shows how much I like it, but its the middle one on the front of the box, it’s a flat brush) because it is a bit small and doesn’t blend foundation in the way I’d like it to.  If you’re going to use this, you have to HAVE to buff afterwards else you’ll have a stripey face, you also HAVE to either have lots of time or a small face, because it takes a long time to color my face in with this.

That is all, I have some more products that I want to sing and dance about, and I will, if I get time.  Bye for now!

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