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Bearing All

By Inafarawaytree @EmilyJ_S

Makeup, makeup, makeup. The invention of saints. You can go a life time of knowing somebody, but having not seen their real face! Imagine that! They may as well have permanent cat face paint on. I love makeup, but I hate it. I hate the fact that we all hide behind it and it has become something which we wouldn’t live without and so many people have no confidence without it. Also, it’s super deceptive, it can make people lose weight, gain different shaped eyes, thicker lips, misplaced cheekbones, the works; and I will admit I’m one of these people. I am amazed at what some good lighting, a flattering pose, some face shading art, a godly camera angle and a lovely filter can do. It works wonders. I am actually a wart faced green gargoyle. Not but honestly, as clichéd as it sounds (and it does sound clichéd) we aaaare all beautiful, and I’m not telling you to sacrifice your makeup – NO NO! Just be brave and bear all sometimes! Not only is it really good for your confidence, but it’s really, really good for your skin.

To prevent me from being a real hypocrite here is me bearing all, warts n’ all, ready for bed. (Yes it’s dark, so cheating a bit, but it IS 11pm afterall).


The way to look at it

Yes I have: Spots all over the shop, can’t-make-my-mind-up-combination skin, imperfect teeth, a double chin!, a wide at the top – narrow at the bottom nose, strangely circular eyes, irritating smudgy freckles, dark circles, chubby cheeks, a large forehead and a raised pouty upper lip.

BUT (here’s where your modesty falls out the window)

I aaaalso have: Really blue eyes, better than before teeth, long eyelashes, characterful freckles, a straight nose and full lips.

There we go! Self esteem has gone from 0 to 100. I’m no psychologist but I do watch television and read magazine’s and I know for a fact that us women (and you men!) everywhere – not just in England, need to STOP BEING SO HARD ON YOURSELF!

Everything has beauty, just not all of us see it (thanks Confucius) apart from maybe Star-Faced Mole’s but I think we are all clear on that one.

Okay, life talk over… goodnight! xxx

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