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Minecraft Diamond Ore Cake

By Cosybites @cosybites

It was my son’s birthday this week and he asked me to make him a minecraft cake, complete with Steve, Creeper and pig. I’ve seen him played the game before but I have absolutely no idea how these characters look like and had to google for them.

Minecraft Cake Toppers

The completed cake toppers: Steve, Creeper and Pig

Initially he wanted a dirt block cake but later changed his mind and wanted a diamond ore cake. Compared to his pirate ship birthday cake last year, this cake is a lot more time-consuming! Besides making the cake toppers in advance, there’s the cutting of the individual squares and piecing them together on the cake. It certainly didn’t help that I wasn’t feeling well. The little squares didn’t look as good as I’d like them. I would have taken everything off and redo square by square but I was simply too tired and unwell to do that. Luckily my son still likes the cake despite its looks.

Minecraft Diamond Ore Cake

The cake was brought to his school and he had a mini birthday celebration in class. I was glad I was able to make it there … not before popping 2 panadol extras though.

Minecraft Diamond Ore Cake-1
Minecraft Diamond Ore Cake-2

What took hours to create was gone in minutes but I was happy everyone liked it. :D

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