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Minecraft: A New Home

By Bearbottomproductions @BearBottomProd

Hello there,

Welcome to the new Minecraft section of this blog.

When asked to write this section i wasn’t really sure which direction i wanted to take it. Whether to do a sole news section, a play guide, or a lets play series.

After pondering this question for all of thirty seconds I thought why not combine all three.

In this post I will be concentrating on my world and what I’ve done up to now.

So, about a week ago i started a new world as i got bored of continuously playing on creative, i wanted more of a challenge and to get  back to what i consider the roots of Minecraft.

No skins.

No mods.

And all the risk of being engrossed in a building only to have a creeper sneak up on you and blow you and your last three hours work away!

At this point I only had one rule, I must only play on survival.

On starting this is where i spawned. A jungle biome and headed of exploring until i came across this small waterhole.

A New Home
After having a scout around i discovered a small cave under some foliage on the opposite side that went back into the hillside about ten blocks.

An ideal starting place. A secluded cave, with plenty of wood around for crafting and a fishing lake.

At this point it was starting to get dark, so I quickly gathered supply’s and setup camp in the cave. I made myself  a crafting table and a wooden sword to last the night.

When daylight came I mined myself some stone and upgraded my sword and tools.

After a scout round to find some cows for food I had a thought, I wanted to keep the area looking nice so cutting down all the trees for wood would ruin that image. I needed a tree farm.

I sat and thought how i could do this for a while and figured i could kill two birds with one stone , so crafted some ladders, took some sticks for torches and started digging a two by two hole in the corner or my cave down to just above bedrock. I then started to hollow out a huge space to start building my tree farm completing  my second objective by stockpiling cobblestone, iron ore, redstone, mined with my new iron tools, and, my first diamonds.

I then set about building my tree farm.

Tree Farm
I used a five by five pattern for this using half slabs and cobblestone for the base which i made wide enough for eight trees and deep enough for three.

I’m going to leave it there for today but next time i’ll show my passive mob farm and breeding area, automated furnace setup, and my storeroom which i am currently building.

Until next time,

Keep listening for the hiss!

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