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By Rubytuesday
I mentioned in my last post that I have reached an important milestone todayIn fact there are two milestones The first one being that I am six months smoke free todayI quit on the 11th of August last yearThis is quite an achievement for meAs I loved smokingLoved everything about itMy life was punctuated with cigarettesAnd I enjoyed every one of them A cup if tea and a smoke was a constant in my lifeAnything could be solved over a cuppa and a smokeI can't lieI do miss themWhen I see someone smokingI feel a pang of jealousyBut then remember that they now cost €10 a boxAnd I don't feel so bad I was telling my doctor on Monday that I am six months off themHe was very impressedI told him that the only reason I gave up was that I couldn't afford them anymoreIt didn't bother me that I was smoking myself in to an early grave If I was richI would most definitely still be smokingI decided to treat myself for reaching this point (Like I need an excuse)And bought myself a new hoodyIt hasn't arrived yet But I will post photos when it does 
On to the second milestoneI am now exactly one year out of treatmentWhich means I am one year in to my recovery The past year has gone by so quicklyAnd so much has happenedBut I am still hereStill fighting for a better lifeAnd hoping for a better future

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