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Might the North Koreans Be Preparing Another Nuclear Test Soon?

By Solarisastro @solarisastro

North Korea Nuclear Reboot

It’s a while since we heard much from the North Koreans but as Mars slides in to Libra later this month, it is high time that we kept a closer eye on them again. This is not only because of the placement of Mars which I shall explain later, but because December 17th is the anniversary of the death of former leader Kim Jong Il, and I rather suspect that the North Koreans will want to make some sort of statement around this time as a mark of respect.

NorthKorea transits

Now towards the end of December, there is a rather difficult and potentially aggressive t-square forming in the skies above us. On 23rd and 24th of the month this sees Mars in Libra at 8 degrees opposing Uranus at 8 degrees Aries and square to this opposition will be Pluto at 10 degrees Capricorn. This t-square in cardinal signs shows all the intentions of taking the bull by the horns and acting recklessly and possibly in a military manner; it is also all about taking unexpected (Uranus) secret & maybe nuclear (Pluto) action (Mars).  

So why am I particularly interested in North Korea? Because on the rectified NK natal chart (thanks to Jamie Partridge) this transiting military Mars will get to 8 degrees Libra on 24th Dec connecting with the NK Mercury in the public 10th house of the leadership. As I mentioned Uranus will oppose this conjunction and Pluto squares. This is important as NK is a Virgo (ruled by Mercury) nation formed on 9th Sept 1948, it has a Virgo Midheaven and Gemini (also Mercury’s sign) rules the 7th house of open enemies. These connection goes to the heart of the North Korean leadership and will encourage them to be pro-active.

There are other aspects to be wary of too. The chart ruler Jupiter, NK has a Sagittarius ascendant, will be sitting on the Vertex in the 8th house so maybe there will be covert underground risks being taken? The Vertex is a very sensitive point on the Astrology chart (like a 2nd Ascendant) and a lot of fateful events can occur when it is activated by transits or progressions.  They also have a half Nodal return happening with their transiting South Node making a conjunction with the the NK natal North Node, so this country will be arriving at a crossroads, there may be connections to events of the past and I would say that a time of reckoning awaits.

Saturn will be making a conjunction to the North Korean natal Chiron in the 12th which suggests a connection to some national suffering or grief (interesting to see how this aspect works out) and there are no less than 3 temporary yods on the chart for the 23rd that I can see as well. One is focused on transiting Venus from natal Saturn and Uranus, one is directed on natal Venus (also in the 8th house) from transiting Sun and Neptune and the last one is aimed directly at that natal Mercury/transiting Mars conjunction from transiting Chiron and the transiting South Node. Yods are turning points and there are lots of indications on this chart that North Korea will be getting to a tipping point in their history this winter.

So what may happen?  Well I can imagine some military posturing at this time or maybe even action, certainly I think the North Koreans will be on a hair trigger with the pressure on this 10th house Mercury and the other aspects and they may want to issue a statement of intent, possibly a nuclear test with Uranus and Pluto also involved or maybe firing another rocket into space orbit. Transiting Neptune from the house of communication (the 3rd) is making simultaneous trines to Mars, the South Node and Uranus, as well as a square to the natal Moon and Ascendant and an inconjunct or Venus in the 8th shows the potential for propaganda (3rd house/Neptune) and celebrations (Venus) for the people (Moon /Ascendant) through secret (8th) military force (Mars) and technology (Uranus). The Saturn Chiron conjunction in the 12th house interests me a lot in this picture as it doesn’t seem to fit with the rest of the aspects. Could this be a significant military accident that is about to happen, something that misfires and goes wrong?

KimJongUn transits

The supreme leader Kim Jun Un’s chart shows transiting Jupiter in a confident (maybe foolhardy) opposition to his natal Sun, transiting Uranus makes a trine to his Venus and Uranus conjunction showing the potential for unexpected risks being taken in his capacity as leader; Kim has Venus ruling his 5th house of speculation and his Midheaven too. Transiting Venus around Christmas will be making a tricky square to his manipulatively controlling 10th house Mars Pluto conjunction which is also conjunct his Midheaven. I think he will be wielding his power at this time. Intriguingly, transiting Chiron sits on Kim’s natal Moon, one of the most sensitive and highly emotional conjunctions that anyone can experience. This is an aspect of grief and upset as well as proving a valuable learning experience. Again we have a lot of positive and direct action aspects combined with one of extreme sadness. Where will this suffering come from, and what might happen to trigger it? It will be interesting to find out.  

As in all predictive work, there is a lot of speculation in looking ahead, especially in mundane Astrology work of this kind, but I hope you can see my reasoning for the potential scenario that could be on the horizon. Let’s see if I am correct come Christmas time…

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