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Midterm Elections in the US – A Turning Point...

By Solarisastro @solarisastro
Midterm elections in the US – A turning point...

On 6th November, many Americans will go to the polls in the Midterm elections, as 435 of the seats in the House of Representatives are up for re-election and 35 senate seats in the US Congress are up for grabs. The way the country votes in two weeks time may shift the balance of power in the US and affect the ability of the President to get through his agenda.

Midterm elections in the US – A turning point...

I have set the chart for the election at the opening of the polls in Washington DC at 07.00am, but they will open at varying times across the country. The picture is a highly interesting one.

As you can see, dominating the chart is a powerful grand cross involving the Nodal Axis right on the cusp of Leo/Aquarius just about to shift into Cancer/Capricorn square to the Moon on the cusp of Scorpio conjunct retrograde Venus opposite to Uranus also retrograde on the very cusp of Taurus. The Moon on any mundane chart represents the people and conjunct to Venus, the planet of values, money and finances, female issues, fairness and harmony the voters will be reflecting on these themes more than any others. Now these two important indicators are opposed to Uranus, the planet of rebellion, shocks and independence, and this leads me to believe that a change in attitudes is going to come out of the vote on this day. Many who voted in the last midterm election in 2014 may switch the way that they voted, going against the way the country is being run. Uranus always wants something fresh and new, and it tends to be anti-establishment. That means that the Republican majorities in the House and the Senate may be seriously under threat.

The Sun on any chart is also an indicator of the energy of the day, and the Sun on this day will be trine to the Neptune, and as you may be aware, "Big Blue" is generally a more socially aware influence. It tends to highlight the values of those in the creative industries, doctors and nurses, unions and collective organisations. Most of these people tend to vote Democratic, and I believe that this is yet more evidence of a shift against the Republican majorities that currently rule the roost in Washington DC.

Mercury is the planet ruling the decision of the day, and it is going to be in the more expansive sign of Sagittarius, a sign of cultural diversity, tolerance, liberalism and taking a risk. Sagittarius is a mutable sign, and it is one of being able to shift your point of view to suit your beliefs. Mercury will be conjunct to Jupiter and square to Neptune, so faith and spiritual values may be important at this vote too. Voting along the lines of personal faith and spirituality may swing determine the outcome of some of the votes.

Mars is in the reactionary sign of Aquarius, and again we have action to take an independent or different line from one that you would normally take. The action and impact of social media may have an impact on the vote going ahead on 6th November. Mars makes a positive trine to Venus and the Moon and I feel the voters will be energised to go out and vote on this day. It is also going to be square to expansive Jupiter, and therefore I feel a high turnout will occur. Saturn, the planet of conservative values and the administration only makes one aspect, a wide trine to Uranus, an agent of change and revolt, and this may hold back a little the scale of the rebellion that I think will be coming.

So what are my thoughts? Well, I think the Democrats are going to have a good night for sure. The chart does suggest that a definite shift of emphasis is coming, and it may well be that the Republicans stave off a full scale rout, and limit their losses somewhat. To what extent may this occur? It is my estimation that they may lose the House to the Democrats, with the Senate staying on a knife edge. How will this affect the President? Well just look at the Sun, the leader. It is as I mentioned trine to Neptune, so a vote at this time will weaken his ability to govern effectively. Neptune dissolves and reduces one's power and strength, and so I feel President Trump may have to start to change tack to bring through his ideas and plans. Remember this too. Just after this vote happens, the very next day the Nodal Axis switches too with the North Node moving into Cancer and the South Node into Capricorn. This vote is due to be a turning point for general attitudes and for the future, and the power of the people will be pivotal in overall direction that this naturally Cancerian country will be going.

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