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Mickey Rourke Plastic Surgery

By David Jonn @zplasticsurgery

Mickey Rourke plastic surgery has been a much known story for everyone who is aware of what is happening in the world of Hollywood. During his early age, he was known to be a sex symbol that has the “James Dean” look. He starred at many films and eventually stopped acting and focused his life to professional boxing. Due to the years of professional boxing, Rourke’s face suffered many damages that lead him to undergo plastic surgery.

Mickey Rourke Plastic SurgeryMickey Rourke Plastic Surgery

The damages inflicted by boxing on his face was not the only reason why he gave plastic surgery a try, it was also to prevent the aging process ruin his face. Through the years, he had gone through many plastic surgeries to fix his nose that was broken twice due to his boxing career and also have his broken cheek bones fixed. Controversies went around through Mickey Rourke plastic surgery because of the aftermath that the procedure has caused on his face. With his willingness to bring back his looks, he admitted that he have gone to the wrong man to fix his face.

Mickey Rourke Plastic Surgery
Mickey Rourke Plastic Surgery
Mickey Rourke Plastic Surgery

He wanted to bring back the face that he had before but the Mickey Rourke plastic surgery doesn’t seem to be the answer for it. What he thought was the answer seemed to be the wrong move for him. With the process of Mickey Rourke plastic surgery, he underwent a total of 5 operations just to fix his broken nose and another one for his smashed cheekbone. His problem started when the scar tissue of his nose doesn’t heal properly, making another operation to come in his way to scrape of the cartilage that was placed in it. The wrong operation gave Rourke a total mess on his face instead of getting the face that he once had before.

mickey rourke plastic surgery disaster

There are many photos posted online with how he looks after the surgery and how far the surgery changed the good looks that he had. Recently, Rourke slowly underwent different operation to fix the problems caused by several operations and expecting to have the best result from it. Many photos were shown in many sites, were posted not to frighten people but to remind them of the possibilities of undergoing wrong surgeries. Mickey Rourke plastic surgery leave people with controversies of how a certain good looking actor would look like when he finally resorted to changing his features. Though messed up with past surgeries, the recent surgeries will help him recover from the disaster and somehow bring back the “James Dean” look or the original features that he once had.

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