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Carla Bruni: The Case of Overdone Plastic Surgery

By David Jonn @zplasticsurgery

Have you ever heard about Carla Bruni – an Italian singer, songwriter and former model or wife of the then President of the French Republic? She was a sensational entertainer and more famous as the first lady of Nicolas Sarkozy. With the exquisite beauty, perfect body, she was once lauded as one of the world’s most beautiful women. However, it seems like things have change: age and lifestyle – definitely some rumours – have finally taken their toll on Carla Bruni lately, especially the rumors about Carla Bruni plastic surgery.

Carla Bruni plastic surgery

Carla Bruni plastic surgery before and after

Many photos and close-up shots have emerged online and on newspapers, about the strange looking face of the former beauty icon – it seemed tight and stretched while she appeared to be pale, dull and lifeless. Speculations are that plastic surgery (more specific: Botox) is to blame for changes in her cheeks, eyes and eyebrows. However, Carla Bruni has denied having any kind of plastic surgery procedure.

Has Carla Bruni’s Plastic Surgery Been True?

Dermatologists and people have concluded that Carla Bruni has undergone plastic surgery for a facelift which has been proved in many photos. In recent years, Carla actually looks much nipped and tucked in many shots. She showed all the classic signs of running through a plastic surgery. Carla has been said to experience extensive surgical procedures as her face appears altered. What she was not aware when carrying out the big Carla Bruni plastic surgery are the side effects and bad consequences circling in the Internet.

Carla Bruni botox plastic surgery
Carla Bruni plastic surgery

Carla Bruni also had Botox injections as a part of her plastic surgery which is described as “creepy frozen Botox mask”. This is because Botox would freeze the middle of the forehead but “allows the use of the frontalis muscle that raises the eyebrows”. The dramatic change in Carla’s skin tone was too obvious to be ignored – she looks a lot different than she used to be (with her glowing skin), the skin under her eyes was also thin and wrinkled. Dr. Ben Behnam said “She looks like she’s had Radiesse which is filler for wrinkle reduction. But her results do not look natural.”

Carla Bruni botox plastic surgery

What could be drawn from Carla Bruni plastic surgery?

Carla Bruni plastic surgery definitely went wrong as the results are so unnatural. The overdone plastic surgery has lead Carla to the point that people hardly recognize her when she puts on a wig or covers some part of her face with her hair. Let’s wait and see in the future what Carla would say about the change that seems too obvious.

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