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Easy Admission Against Korean Plastic Surgery Before After

By David Jonn @zplasticsurgery

K-pop is generally popular all over the world and plays an indispensable part of music life of thousands of people. As a result, Korean musicians in particular and famous actors, actresses in general are well-known and idols of thousands of people due to their talents and beauty. However, besides some natural beauty, most of them gain the beautiful face or appearance thanks to surgery. With the key words “Korean plastic surgery before after”, you can get uncountable results in Google search. This is to say, plastic surgery is a norm in this country!

Korean plastic surgery before after

Korean plastic surgery before after

In fact, not only Korean celebrities, but normal Koreans are willing to undergo plastic surgery. Whoever they are, those people share the same purpose of being more beautiful despite whatever pain they are going to suffer from. All that matters to them is that how they change after taking the Korean plastic surgery before after.

The most taken procedures are lipoplasty (fat removal), blepharoplasty (surgical modification of the eyelid) and breast augmentation. The surgery is going to deal with your eyes, eyebrow, hairline, lips, nose, etc. Every can be changed to make a better of you! That is why this trend is adopted widely in this nation. Basically, Korean women would like to take plastic surgery not because that they want to look white like other Asian women but they would like to enhance their beauty.

Then, how about Korean celebrities who have experienced the so-called Korean plastic surgery before after, so, should people admire and take them as idols as what they have is not their indeed beauty? This remains a problem of controversy as there are different opinions for and against this matter. The fact is that looking at their photos before and after plastic surgery, it is surprising how much they change. Personally, I do think that as long as they can bravely and publicly admit their undergoing from plastic surgery without any worry or avoidance when being asked, they can be accepted. However, it’s not an easy thing to do. As what I can observe, most of them avoid giving an honest answer or beat around the bush whenever it comes to plastic surgery. But Lee Da Hae is an exception. To other people‘s astonishment, this beautiful lady had an easy admission that “I used to be obese. I also did some ‘remodeling’ to my face.” This is to say; whatever you change yourself is not important as the fact that you can accept this!

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