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Michael Winner – Larger Than Life and Full of Fun

By Solarisastro @solarisastro

Michael Winner

Michael Winner passed away today, the director of the Death Wish films featuring Charles Bronson. In his film directing career, he worked with such actors as Marlon Brando, Oliver Reed (can you imagine these two together!!), Anthony Hopkins and Michael Caine. He also wrote, was a newspaper columnist in the UK and food critic too. He was born on 30th Oct 1935, and was a larger than life individual.

MichaelWinner natal

A quick browse at his horoscope for you. His Sun was in Scorpio so he was a man who emotional and attuned to the darker side of life like all Scorpios, however he had his Moon in fun and engaging Sagittarius which lightened his character considerably. His Sun opposed Uranus so he was definitely an "character" and that Uranus made a quindecile to Mercury, making him an entertaining speaker, writer and very imaginative in his work. That Mercury in this chart is not connected to any other planet by a major aspect, it is peregrine, so it dominated his chart. Michael just had to get his message and his ideas out to the people. His Jupiter in Scorpio made a very close trine to Pluto, so he lived life to excess, and became internationally successful. Maybe this very intense link shows why his most known work was connected to films filled with action, guns and violence?

Saturn in Pisces, the planet of career and ambition in the sign of films and creativity made a trine to his Sun and was also at the point of a mini grand trine completed by a dynamic and experimental Mars and Uranus trine. This is a guy who took chances and lived life to the full. Mars in Capricorn was also at the point of a mini grand trine connected to the Saturn Sun trine, so he was an active, ambitious and hard working individual. 

Neptune and Venus conjunct in Virgo showed gentle modesty in love, I think this must have been the only modest part of his personality, and it embodied him a with a decidedly artistic hue.Michael may not have been everybody's "cup of tea", but he made our world a fun place to be, and he knew how to make fun of himself for the amusement of everyone else. He'll be missed...

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