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Mia by Tanishq-As Beautiful as Your Work.

By Shalinidigvijay @shalinidigvijay

Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than 
the belief she is beautiful.
- Sophia Loren
I am beautiful.
There I said it.
I expect you to say that every time you visit my blog.Nobody ever said it to me as a comment on my blog,but I have been told that I am beautiful by the people who matter.
The people who make me feel special,make me feel beautiful.I may not have the most perfect of features,I may not have the most awesome peaking cheekbones,or a flawless complexion,or have a perfect denture-sparkling white or the hair that many women would die for.
But I know that I am beautiful.
My beauty is not just skin deep.
It is soul deep.
I know that for the people who love me ,I am perfect.
My hair is like an angelic halo.My smile benevolent and my touch therapeutic.
I radiate happiness,I shine and spread beatitude and joy and glee.
I am beautiful because I believe that I am beautiful.
Because I believe,I work to spread my blessed happiness. I work with teenagers. At least a 120 of them on a daily basis. I learn with them. Yes,I teach too. But its more of a two way street.My appearance has to BE  light and unflashy. My audience must listen and learn from what I say. they must be spell bound by my words and my repartee and my rapport with them.I must enthrall them,and create magic with my words.  My words are my best friends. They walk me through six hours of non stop synergy and communication. I love my patiala salwars and simple silver earrings and my big red wrist watch. But my words and my lessons and my spiel and my haranguing and my chalk talk is more beautiful than me.
Because I touch my children in a subliminal way...They learn even though they resist the learning.
And at the end of the lesson,They can all scream and say "History Rocks!"
I believe!(lolz)

Love the advertisement ,and especially the statement"the presentation looks even better than me." Check out more about Mia by Tanishq at Mia by Tanishq.
Hey,I know,its not always about me.
Or about my aura.
Waxing eloquent about ones own self is a dirty job,but some one's got to do it.
I would have written about some one else,but I am so absorbed in the beauty of my work,that I have never really observed any one else.
Its all about a positive self image.
I'm set for hounding hubby dear -he needs to sign the card receipts.
So,all set to believe in your beauty today???

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