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Met Her on the Mountain

By Vickilane

Met Her on the Mountain
I met Mark Pinsky back in May of '09 and blogged about him and his quest HERE.  The unsolved murder of the Vista worker was one of the first things we heard about when we came to Madison County and we listened to, over the years, a number of speculations as to what actually happened.Mark has been obsessed with the story from the beginning and now he's written a book about it -- a compelling and convincing narrative. As well as answering the questions about the murder, Mark delves into the small town politics and the mindset that made it possible for the murderers to escape justice -- the 'them versus us' mentality that plagues most of mankind in one way or another.Met Her on the Mountain
Met Her on the Mountain will be on sale October 1.  It's a fascinating read, especially for those of us who know and love this area.  But, as in  all good writing, the personal becomes universal; the local becomes global.  This isn't an especially Appalachian crime -- one sees similar inhumanity and similar miscarriages of justice everywhere. Parallels will probably occur to youMark's web site has more information about the book.  (I am obliged to mention that the publishers sent me a copy, hoping for a review. But I wouldn't have reviewed it if I hadn't liked it.)Met Her on the Mountain Posted by Picasa

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