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MESTRENGTH Performance Hydration Mix – Product Review

By Debi Lantzer @debiL1611

Recently I learned about a performance hydration mix from MESTRENGTH. I'm not entirely sure of their history other than the fact that they are out of Chicago, so I'll just say they are new to me, rather than say they are actually a new company. What I am entirely sure of, however, is the fact that this performance hydration mix is absolutely AWESOME!

My history with hydration mixes is that I have tried so many in the past and none of them ever seem to work for me - I usually find that they are too strong or too weak or the flavor was just flat out horrible in my opinion. So, when I received the variety pack of MESTRENGTH containing several different flavors, my eyes immediately went to the green one due to my love of citrus, and sure enough, the flavor turned out to be Lemon Lime.

The very next time I worked out, I used the Lemon Lime added to my water and put it on the table...... where it sat ..... and sat ..... and sat .... and then it sat some more. I wandered past that table back and forth, over and over just glancing over. Finally, I stopped, grabbed my sport cup, and gulped down a big swig expecting to have to force myself to swallow it. And then it happened.... I FELL IN LOVE♥. The mix was perfect - it wasn't too strong, it wasn't too weak and the flavor was amazing. I chugged the rest of the drink down like I couldn't get enough!

MESTRENGTH Performance Hydration Mix – Product Review

Since that post-workout morning to today, I've had the opportunity to try their Kiwi Strawberry, Orange, Grape and Fruit Punch. I'll confess that while the Lemon Lime is my absolute favorite, the Kiwi Strawberry and the Orange are fantastic too. Grape and Fruit Punch are - well - I've never been a fan of either one of these flavors, and I only tried them so I could say I did. I'm not in a hurry to try them again, just saying.

Oh, and I'm sure MESTRENGTH would like me to give you some of the details not quite as important as the taste to me. There are 5 grams of creatine for muscle performance and recovery in each prepackaged stick pack to provide you with just the right amount of MESTRENGTH. By adding the creatine, MESTRENGTH helps you to maximize each workout and minimize muscle soreness, without producing the muscle 'bulk' typically associated with creatine

You just open up a prepackaged stick pack, mix it into a 20 ounce water bottle and go do what you love. For me it's running, but whether your love is running, biking, swimming (or all three), or strength training, yoga, or a visit to a bar/barre studio (the list could go on), MESTRENGTH works well before, during or after your workout. Just like the water (or sports drink) you've been using, there's no need to change up your routine.

Using MESTRENGTH helps to avoid all the unnecessary calories and chemicals contained in some of the other drinks. Oh, and don't let me forget to tell you they are Gluten Free, Vegan and Vegetarian. It's also zero calories, zero carbs and zero sugar and contains no unnecessary ingredients. MESTRENGTH does contain 5 electrolytes for optimum hydration and muscle function (most sports drinks have 2-3 electrolytes). Not only does it taste fantastic, MESTRENGTH looks terrific "on paper" too!

I saw on Facebook somewhere that someone actually added this hydration mix to a smoothie - that's something to think about! Now that my samples are long gone, I guess it's time to order more. I browsed around MESTRENGTH's website tonight and I see I can buy a box that only has Lemon Lime or only Kiwi Strawberry. I can also buy boxes in 20 or 30 count, so now I have to wait until payday so I can stock up and #LiveElevated!!

If you want to learn more, be sure to check out MESTRENGTH on their website, or connect with them on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram! Please note that they sometimes run contests, etc. so if you want to try and win a sample, get on social media and connect with them!

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